Little update, part cute, part yucky, all difficult child...


difficult child went to the dentist yesterday, as a follow-up to his procedure 2 weeks ago.

She is so amazing with him. At the end of his visit (very short), she gave him a token to get a prize from the little vending machine. He picked the machine that gave plastic beaded necklaces and bracelets. For his token, he got a purple plastic beaded bracelet on an elastic band – and gave it to me.

The dentist, in turn, gave him another token to get something for himself. That time, he chose a tiny ninja figure.

Mr IHBT came last night. Contradictory to what the early intervention school, he doesn’t see difficult child 2 making it in a mainstreamed classroom. Actually, I think he’s as lost as to what to do with him as the rest of us. I’m just trying not to think about any of it. I’m going to try to plan a giant meeting that includes Mr IHBT in about March or April, prior to the end of the year, and long before the next school year.

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Shari, thanks for the update. I'll take a little yucky over non stop chaos any day.

Keep up the good work! :warrior:


Ditto that, Linda.

For all the horrible things he can do (and chaos he can create), he is the most giving little guy I know. I was at the hobby store purchasing t-shirts for prizes at work and saw hot wheels transfers on sale fr $1. I bought them and stashed them away, and recently got them out for an evening activity. First thing he said was "awesome, its for me?" before we started to put them on one of his t-shirts. The second thing was "Do you have anything for easy child 2?" (who wasn't even here.)

I wore my purple plastic bracelet today with my red, black, and khaki sweater. I know my boss looked at it strangely. and I don't care.


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my difficult child has that loving, giving heart as well. Makes you/me wish everyone could see what they are inside. Hugs.