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  1. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    Just hope the day is better :sick:

    easy child 1 has been not feeling too whoopie lately ~ last Wed night she spiked a fever of 103 with headache, nausea and body aches. I called the nurse line because she had been home from camp for 5 days, had mosquito bites galore (even though I was told she wasn't as bad as some others and used bug spray, the mosquitos were bad) and these are symptoms of West Nile. The nurse said there's a flu going around. By the next morning the fever was down so I just continued to watch her. Her energy level comes and goes, but in general has had a headache and body aches daily. Yesterday morning she threw up first thing. She slept a few times yesterday and the headache continued. Last night started throwing up and continued through this morning ~ only 3 or 4 times, but enough that I would just start to get into a sleep and she was up again. :faint: She's not keeping anything down including water. Before husband went to work, I went up to our little store and bought another box of crackers, 7 up and more bread knowing that whatever I can get in her to stay for just a little bit will help.

    It's raining today so it may be a good day for chicken noodle soup for lunch!

    I may get her into the clinic today. The coffee is mighty strong this morning :coffee:
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    Well, I'd get her to the clinic. She's been feeling pretty miserable for a while now, but here's a suggestion.

    My husband and one of the difficult child's have really bad reactions to mosquito bites. Normally when you get a mosquito bite, if it's 1/4 of an inch, it's a big one. If they get them, each bite gets to be over the size of a quarter!

    I give them benadryl. If she's having a reaction to the bites themselves, the antihystamine may help her out. But I'd still hit the clinic first to make sure it isn't West Nile. You can never be too careful these days!

    Hope you have a better day than night!

  3. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    In doing more research online about West Nile (through the CDC) there's not much they can do ~ treat the symptoms and it goes away in a few days to a few weeks. Most symptoms develop 3 - 14 days after bitten. There are currently no reported cases in Iowa as of a week ago. After talking with- a couple friends, they've either had or know someone who has been down & out with- the flu lately in our area.

    She threw up once after coming down at 7:30, has kept 7 up down for an hour now and is asking for something to eat (toast), her temp is 99.9 as of 9:30, she's laying on the couch with a washcloth on her head. Thankfully the other kids are being nice and staying upstairs playing while difficult child is playing Star Wars Math on husband's puter.

    I'll call the clinic to check in.
  4. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    After talking with- the nurse, we made an appointment for tomorrow morning. She said if the vomiting stops and she's feeling more perky, we can cancel the appointment but we have one if we need it. The nurse also confirmed that there's been lots of flu activity.

    It's these "little" sickies that I get iffy on whether or not it's dr time. I know the definite signs of pneumonia after several episodes with- the boys but those are more pronounced symptoms.
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    With lots of mosquito bites, you need to watch out for Cellulitis, too.

    Get Ginger Chews, if you can, for the nausea. Real ginger...not the Seagrams 7 junk in the store, works. If you have a Whole Foods, Wegmans or health food store, you can get them there.

    If it is West Nile, you need to be on the lookout for severe headaches. West Nile causes encephalitis. So if the headaches are severe....take her to ER.
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    Sorry easy child is feeling bad. Hope things start to clear up.

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    Glad to see her fever went down - I had the same kind of symptoms but ended up having viral spinal menginitis - just watch her to see if she seems to be out of it at times. I had refused to go to the hospital cause I thought it was just a case of the flu...Have no idea how I caught it other than I was walking in the rain one night and the next day wamm.

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    So sorry.
    I was just about to say that West Nile isn't as tragic or severe as it used to be ... sort of like another strain of flu now, but you researched it yourself.
    Now, you just have to wait for your easy child 1 to feel better.:goodluck:
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    I sure hope she is feeling much better by now! Flu anytime is no fun but in the summer I think it's even worse!
  10. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    Today has been more down than up. She did catch a little sleep here & there this morning and afternoon. She hasn't thrown up anymore, but still feels nauseous. She kept down 1 piece of toast and 7 up, then for lunch chicken noodle soup and ate 2 pieces of toast for dinner. Her fever is completely gone at this point (97.8). She still had a headache at 6:00 but says it's gone at this moment.

    She's pretty much had a constant headache since last Wed when she spiked the fever. I've given her acetamenophen and ibuprofen in intervals and it wasn't helping yesterday. Today I've only given her 2 ibuprofens.

    So we'll see how the night goes and have the appointment in the morning if need be.

    Thanks for your concerns :D
  11. Andy

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    I would be surprised if she is better this morning - but if she is, I would still talk her in and request some basic blood tests to see how levels are. I think in certain things, once you are feeling better, you are still very sick. The week long headache is not good.
  12. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    She came in this morning and says, "Guess what, mom! No headache and my tummy doesn't hurt"! I told her not to overload her tummy today and we'll see how it goes. If she goes back to the headache or nausea, then yes, I will take her in ~ no if's ands or buts. But for this morning, I've cancelled the appointment.

    Although she's not outwardly showing it, I'm sure there's some anxiety about difficult child and the facility. Tonight is our "family tour".