Long term rehab/Christian Based....Recommendations?


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
I'm thinking our next move is long term/Christian based.

Any ideas of others than Teen Challenge?

Son breaks rules in sober living and is still using. Not sure how many more times we can do this!

Was Bakered last night by girlfriend (72 hour hold) for saying he did not want to live on the phone.

Weary. Problem is not going away....


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Ok. Then I would check rehabs in your area of choice that is of the denomination he is most comfortable with. Then be sure to check the reviews written by clients. Those tell a lot.


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I am sorry, rn.

The son of member lovemyson was in a Christian program. He had great success. He joined the Marines this year. You might pm her.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
Thanks Copa. I will do that.

Yes SWOT but hard to find. When you Google stuff you never know what you're getting!


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RN, PatiotsGirl is a member here whose daughter entered a Christian based rehab, you might try private messaging her. Her daughter thrived and continues to do well.

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There's a Christian rehab in Kentucky called the Issiah House that has excellent success rate. I've heard nothing but good things, look it up. They have a Facebook page also. I would love if my son could go there

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I don't know of any other, but I want to say that a friend sent their drug-using daughter to Teen Challenge. It was a success, but....they have to want to be there. They can leave at any time. We were going to send my oldest there waaay back when she was a teenager, but she said she'd just leave, so we didn't do it.