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    So originally I was going to post this thread about what a local TN lawmaker in legislation had said regarding bullying and that it was the parents fault. But then in locating a good link I found one that also shows just how messed up the legislation has become here and the proposed/passed laws that are going on right now here. It's just incredible to me that these things are happening. I'll let you be the judge for yourself so here's the link (and I'm sure if you google you can find a bunch more of what is all going on here too):

  2. keista

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    OK, I seriously cannot take these ppl seriously. Can we force a state to secede?
  3. Wiped Out

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    ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know what else to say!
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    OMG.......................................... that man from Cocke county needs to move to Horry county since they are both "ripe for opportunity!"

    I am crawling away because he makes my party sound like a bunch of idiots. He is an idiot. Why oh why would he spout such stupidity and then cloak it in politics? If its his opinion...fine. Claim it. Dont say its anyone else's because he cant call it for an entire district.