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  1. Hound dog

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    Buy and use a manual lawn mower on your yard.

    No joke.

    And you won't just gain the attention of your neighbors either, you'll be able to assess their personalities rather quickly as well.

    I'm out there mowing. Now pushing a manual is nothing like pushing a gas mower, it's more like vacuuming your yard with huge resistance (my grass grows faster than I can cut it). You don't just walk quickly down a strip of yard and that strip is done. I'm not sure I can explain it except.......well, think of vacuuming the floor; you go forward a few feet, then pull it back and often repeat in the same area before moving on.

    It doesn't take much intelligence to figure out that it's hard, hot, sweaty work.........and more time consuming. It took me an hour and a half to do my front yard that takes about 15 mins with a gas mower.

    So........like I said, I'm out there mowing. It's 7:30 pm.....sun is setting and it's not so beastly hot. (thank heaven or I'd have collapsed) A couple walks down the alley and hollers out" Is your mower broke?" and laughs. I ignore them and keep on mowing. They holler it about 3 more times. Irritated I tell them it's just fine, I'm doing my yard this way on purpose. I get another couple who say the same thing, I answer the same way. A while later when I've got about a third of the yard done, another neighbor, this one lives down the alley across the street, comes walking over. Now I've lived here almost 9 yrs and I have never spoken to this man once before today. He asks me if I'd like him to bring down his mower. (he's my age or older) Says he'd be more than happy to bring it over for me. I thank him and tell him I'm just fine. He asks me if my mower is broken, would I like him to take a look at it for me and see if he can fix it? So I explain that while I appreciate the thought, I have 3 mowers (I do), but I was mowing with the manual one by choice. I don't have to buy gas for it, it's basically maintenance free, and it's one hellova workout. He laughed and agreed telling me he grew up mowing lawns with one. I told him I did too. He goes back home and I go on mowing. Next thing I know I've got some gawkers in cars but at least they don't comment as they drive by. While finishing up the front yard two couples walk by and one of the males says" Now there is a lawn mower!" The other male agreed with him. The women acted odd and sort of like I was out there slaughtering a cow on my lawn or something. The guys just told them they were wusses. lol

    So...........ALL BY MYSELF............I mowed my front yard that has the thickest grass on the planet (according to sister in law who cussed it while using his gas mower on it). It looks pretty darn awesome, if I do say so myself.

    And it is most definitely a major workout. Even while still mowing I felt it in my arms, my chest, my back, my thighs, and my calves. I wonder if I'll be able to crawl out of bed in the morning. :faint:

    No wonder our grandmothers seemed to just keep going like energizer bunnies. omg

    I admit I came awfully close to buying a lawn mower at Lowes that has an electric ignition (no pull cord, the reason I can't use a gas mower). It didn't cost anymore than the normal sort. But now I don't think I will. I'll stick with my manual mower. Once I get the weeds completely tackled in back and all those thick stumps from them dug out, I ought to be able to use it back there too. Why should I pay 3.85 for gas when I don't have too?? Just to save a couple hours........naw. I need the workout anyway.

    Oh.........I forgot about the moron who says as he walks by " I know someone who can do that for you for JUST 30 bucks and who will do the trim too"

    I called back"Obviously you don't see that this costs me NOTHING, do you?"

    He gave me a dirty look and kept right on walking. :rofl:

    Now all I have to do is be able to call out of bed in the morning. I have a rather long list of even more physically grueling chores to tend to. :sigh:
  2. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    Which is why... you don't find ME on the other end of a mower...
  3. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    Lisa, I admire you. I can pull the cord but even pushing the gas mower makes me hurt for days. My arthritis just can't take it any more. You found a very nice concerned neighbor and ...... some inconsiderate idiots. We have a guy in the neighborhood that doesn't own a gas (or even electric) mower by choice. He uses the manual mower all the time by choice. He even bought a new one last year. I don't know that anyone has even given him a second glance...except maybe kids that have never seen one before and once they are told about it, never say a word.
  4. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    TeDo... sounds like you need a nice RIDING mower... except, with difficult children around, that might not be safe either!
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I ditto the riding mower Tedo. You could probably pick up one 2nd hand for a reasonable price. You shouldn't torture yourself like that if there might be a way to make it easier.

    I've been battling arthritis in the mornings something horrible. And if I remember correctly that is the rheumatoid type, which in my opinion, is so not a good thing. This past week......getting going in the mornings is basically because I know if I don't move it's not going to feel better. I haven't had such symptoms like these since I was a child, and back then I had it really bad. And it's all the old places too, the knees and ankles, some in the elbows, so far not much in the wrists. I'm hoping it's been triggered by all this heavy yard work and will settle down once I have it under control.

    I've owned this mower since we bought the house all those years ago. I just haven't used it in the past 6 yrs. husband hated it and refused to use it. (which is why I have 3 gas mowers) I prefer them over gas/electric mowers because not only can I not pull the cord for the gas ones..........I grew up using one and it's what I'm comfortable with. I'll use manual lawn trimmers for the same reason. I don't like weedeaters and I've not been able to get used to them, even the electric ones. I grew up using all manual tools. easy child wanted to go halves on a garden tiller. I asked her what the heck for? I have a great manual one that honestly is not at all hard to use, it's just a workout when you use it. So she tried mine and changed her mind about the gas powered version and hunted until she found one like mine and bought herself one.

    We have some really lazy people around the neighborhood. Honestly? I'm shocked they're walking to where they want to go.........and it has to be because they have no gas, because I've seen these folks enough over the past several years to know they're the lazy ones. Yet mowing without gas seems to escape them. Kills me ever time.

    At least I know one neighbor who would offer to help in a pinch. And that was really nice of him. The neighbor right behind me cheers me on when he sees me out there mowing, and no he doesn't mean it as a put down, he's genuinely impressed. lol And I have managed to convert a few people.........but they've since moved away.

    I was really stunned when Nichole's husband was super interested in the manual mower when they were here last. (he's about as lazy as they come for many things) But he thought it was so cool, once I showed him the proper way to use one. And Nichole to some degree prefers it like I do. So now when they buy their house he'd like to have one too. So I keep teasing him because they keep looking at houses with at least an acre yard. LOL
  6. DammitJanet

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    I saw a bicycle with the front "tire" was a lawn mower. Thats what you need.
  7. TeDo

    TeDo Guest

    What do I need a riding mower for, I have two difficult child's that are FINALLY old enough to do it FOR me. I've been waiting a loooong time for that. Don't rain on my parade! LOL

    Lisa, I've had arthritis in my entire body most of my life. There are days that the balls of my feet, my jaw, and each joint in my all my phlanges (I know some BIG words, LOL). I alone keep the Advil company in business many days. Now that my kids are older, I don't HAVE to do as much work. When I am in pain, they are more than willing to do whatever I need done. Yes, I know, I'm blessed. LOL
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Then by all means if there is yard work to be done...........let those boys do it! LOL :)
  9. InsaneCdn

    InsaneCdn Well-Known Member

    If there's any chance at all that it's RH... please slow down.
    (runs in our family, I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't hit me next... so far so good)

    Motrin - and whatever it's generic equivalent - is one of the front-line medications on this, for early stages. Please do NOT "suffer through" on that pain. Stage your work so you don't get there, or at least stretch it out as much as possible. And take "motrin" in the mornings as you try to get going, and as soon as there is pain. You must keep the inflamation DOWN. It's the key to slowing down the damage.

    Make sure you drink lots of water. Get LOTS of sleep. And pace yourself.
  10. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    WOW!! husband bought one at a yard sale and my dad surprised him by getting it oiled and sharpened. It got used once and then left in the rain for four years because it was awful to use according to husband. We have 1/2 acre and it took husband seven hours. It was NOT very tall grass either. I don't do yard work. I don't even open windows while it is being done by the neighbors across the street. That much pollen and there isn't enough imitrex to keep me functional for 2-3 days. Even the allergy doctor strongly advised if I wanted to do that to go get an epipen before I tried after the allergy testing. And I hardly reacted to anything with the histamine reaction but I puked all over and the rest of my body FREAKED. It is a strange fibro type reaction that isn't allergies but is intolerance, like you can react to foods but not be allergic.

    I am TRULY impressed by you. Not so much the idiot gawkers though.

    by the way, my great aunt (the ziploc one) broke down and paid a neighbor to do her grass when she could no longer mow at age 90 or so. She said it was easier to pay him than to go buy an electric mower and mess with gas all the time. Yup. That old before she stopped mowing with her manual, womanpowered mower. At the time I wanted to be like that as an old lady.

    Now I want to be like that as a middle age lady.
  11. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I have wanted one forever! H tells me I'm crazy and surely do not know how difficult it is to mow with one. Well, I didn't, but thanks to your description, I want one even more now! I used to always mow the lawn. Then H bought me a huge husqvarna mower that weight 8 tons and I couldn't push it because he didn't get the self propelled. My old mower that he put in the yard with a 'FREE' sign was lighter and had a side bag, I loved it so. I truly believe mowing the lawn every week kept me in shape. No wonder I'm a lard ass now. I need to find a push mower like yours!
  12. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Lisa I don't know how you do it but I really admire it.
  13. keista

    keista New Member

    H&R They still sell these at Home Depot. Probably Lowes too.

    Sis uses one of these. Of course, she's in the city and her grass is all of 15X15 feet. Best eco friendly mower next to cows or goats.
  14. AnnieO

    AnnieO Shooting from the Hip

    husband got a riding mower a while back because with his shoulder, a regular mower is OUT with our yard.

    BUT - now Jett's doing it. I think we need a manual...
  15. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    We always had those old manual lawn mowers when I was a kid, I remember my dad and my grandfather using one on our small back yard. But I can't imagine using one in a really big yard or in very thick grass! That would really be a workout!

    My yard at this house is HUGE - more than half a city block street to street, and the grass is super thick! For the first couple of years I did it all myself with a gas powered push mower, not self-propelled. I was out there even when it was close to 100 degrees and it literally took me the entire weekend to do it all! I could never afford a riding mower and even if I had one, I have no place to store it out of the rain. So I went through a series of cheapy Walmart push mowers that died after one season. And I absolutely could NOT start that weedeater! I'm not getting any younger either and that lawn was taking over my life, so I finally called in a lawn service. It costs me $50 each time they come so I only have it done every other week. But they come in with one guy on one of those huge commercial mowers and two more with weedeaters and they do in a half hour what took me all weekend to do myself! It looks great when they finish so it's well worth the money. And I finally have my weekends back! I have noticed that my waistline has expanded a little more since I'm not out there shoving that lawn mower around all weekend, but I much prefer watching from my living room window while someone else does it!
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  16. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    H&R I know for a fact that Lowe's sells them. They have one for about 100.00 and another (the one I bought years ago) for 149.00 and it's the one that never needs sharpening. But I did have sister in law touch up the blades a bit since husband let it get rusty on me. I saw them when I was looking for an alternative to gas mowers for the weed infested back yard.

    I won't lie to you. I IS very hard work and if you have thick grass (I do, where I have grass it has a tendency to be super thick) it's even slower and harder. You can't just let the lawn go either because if it gets too high then it is next to impossible to get it cut down, although the mower is adjustable. It is also a great stress reducer. Sounds silly but Ive found that most manual labor is stress reducing.

    I was able, much to my surprise, to get out of bed just fine this morning. Only my back was bothering me........but that is because I slept 8 hours, not because of mowing. If I sleep more than 6 1/2 hrs my back kills me in the morning.
  17. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    I am definitely going to look into this! Thanks for posting!!! Now I don't feel like such a neanderthal for wanting a push antique mower, lol.
  18. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not


    I'm sorry everyone acted as though you were putting on some kind of a show.
    I think it's just that people truly don't get it.

    I like to use a clothesline to save money. Problem is, my new rental house doesn't have a good place to string a line. So I asked at the hardward store if they sold any of those clothesline rods (you know, the ones that look like short telephone poles or the kind that go around in a circle?) and I got treated like an idiot. I'm sorry ma'am - nobody sells those. People don't use clotheslines any more.

    Well, turns out that that VERY hardware store, does, in fact, actually sell those. Except they don't call them "clothesline poles" or 'clothesline hangers"....they call them:

    "Eco-Friendly Outdoor Clothes Dryers"

  19. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

  20. Liahona

    Liahona Guest

    husband got a manual mower years ago. Getting him to actually use it is a bit harder. He waits until the grass is really high and its harder to use. He is so persnickity about how the lawn is cared for I refuse to mow it.

    But, he is rubbing off on the neighbors. Someone just got one, and is making their kids use it. We don't get any comments when husband uses it. Sorry you did. At least you now know who the good neighbor is.