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    We have had our difficult child with ODD to therapists since he was 2, he is going on 9. It keeps getting worse to where he had a rage episode/meltdown and the police where call because survellaince cameras thought we were misbehaving with the child. We've tried Abilify, but each increase, inreases the rages. Any help out there? We are so stressed as to how to handle him, disciplines don't work.
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    Hi. First of all, I have a few questions which could help us.
    1/ Which type of professional diagnosed him? Has he ever seen a Child Psychiatrist (with the MD) or a neuropsychologist for a complete evaluation?

    2/Are there any mood disorders on either side of the family tree? Substance abuse? Any "funny" relatives who just never went for help, but aren't "right?"

    3/How was his early development? Did he talk on time? Cuddle? Make eye contact? Plays appropriately with age group peers?

    If you answer, we can help more. Others will come along.
  3. Hello looking for hope... welcome. As I'm sure others will testify, normally speaking, ODD is not a disorder that is found alone. Often times there are others with it such as ADHD. Perhaps a new evaluation is in order. Therapists are great but there are other professionals out there such as psychiatrists who may be able to better help you in your situation. I'm not sure where you are so I don't know what agencies/professionals to suggest. There are lots here and I'm sure they will come along with some other tidbits to help you in your hour of need. Good luck to you and your family.

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    My son has seen neuro pscy., child psychiatrists, psychologists, regular neurologists, you name it we have had him put through lots of testing. He is rare and has only ODD.

    No one in the family on either sde has anyhthing except his cousin who is almost three and has autism. My difficult child was tested for that also and no signs of anything.

    As a baby he was very well tempered until about 8 months when he was mobil and was more angered when we corrected him. Just progressed from there.
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    Can I ask how old he was at the last evaluation? While it is entirely possible that your son is rare and only ODD (I have enough medical weirdness that I know never to say never, LOL), some things are better seen at certain ages.

    I think it is kind of like shoes. We measure the kids' feet on a regular basis, sometimes it seems like they outgrow shoes weekly! We don't use the same measurement each time, we take new ones and get new information. Children's brains are developing and changing rapidly throughout childhood and into their 20s. A measurement done at one age will give some information. At another age you will get other information. sometimes you need it all to see what the issue is.

    What might help is to have all the info from ALL the evaluations organized so it can be viewed as a whole. If you go to this link (it is to our General Archives) you will get information on how to do a Parent Report. It is a helpful way to organize the information you have. I know the report we did for my son was like a Bible, we carried it everywhere. We took it to all the professionals, not necessarily all the schools, but the professionals were all asked to read it and to add it to the files.


    If your son has been through the professionals with no hope, maybe something in our Natural Treatments forum will give you some helpful ideas. I know my son (and my other children) react to certain food additives, preservatives and food coloring. Other people have food allergies or sensitivities (acts much like an allergy but allergy tests are negative - VERY frustrating, but also very real) that cause behavior changes and problems.

    If you haven't read it, The Explosive Child by Ross Greene is also helpful to many. It is a fairly easy read.