Looking like a million bucks....

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Rec'd a call from therapist at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) regarding kt. (We've once again rescheduled her staffing for next week.)

Having said that, therapist let me know that kt is "looking like a million bucks". I was just beaming at that report.

kt is coming home for a 3 day pass this weekend. I think the idea to slowly transition her home is working. kt's biggest concern is that wm will come home to live. Highly unlikely, yet we don't say this out loud to her. Rather we remind her that we are a family of different addresses.

It's become such a balancing act - meeting wm's needs to be a part of the family while making sure that kt feels safe & secure. (wm is sinking into a state of hopelessness.)

kt has been reassured that there will be no "forced" visits with wm. And she was reminded that if she makes plans for a visit that she needs to follow through, even if just for 5 minutes - wm has feelings as well. She also needed reassurance that there will be 2 adults in the room at all times - that any visit will be highly supervised.

kt is so conflicted about her twin - rightly so. The bigger picture with the visits are to teach the tweedles an appropriate sibling relationship before adulthood. We don't want them to seek each other out in an unhealthy manner when they become adults. (The plan is just once a month visits.)

So the tight rope act continues...it's a tad easier knowing that kt is in such a healthy (for her) space. She's becoming more self aware with a maturity & an improved ability to state her feelings/fears with-o becoming dissociative. :bravo:


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Linda, I'm really glad that kt has used her time out of the home to work so hard. Her progress so far is nothing short of amazing. May it continue! :smile:


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Wow Linda, what progress! I am so happy to hear that things for Kt are heading somewhere much healthier and happier. Sounds like she is maturing for sure and trying hard to learn good tools etc. I also think it is wonderful that you are thinking ahead to adulthood as well as current issues. It is going to be so important for the two of them to find a way to interact later in life that is functional, non-damaging and healthy. Way to go to all of you! I will say prayers for Wm as well, he is still struggling and it must be so difficult for all of you. I think you are handling a horribly sad situation in a the best way anybody could.



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I'm absolutely thrilled for KT and your family. I hope that Wm will turn the corner soon. I admire your clear set of priorities and how you take into account the needs, and issues, with both of your tweedles.

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I'm very proud of kt. In fact, I just got off the phone with my father - just checking in with him. He told me that kt had called him to talk about grandma.

Dad said that kt sounded very mature; she expressed her sorrow & told him that she knew he was sad - that it was okay to be sad. Dad told me he was very impressed. He told me that he was sorry that Mom hadn't seen the big changes in kt.

He's looking forward to seeing kt at the cook off in mid February. :bravo:

I got off the phone & literally jumped for joy. kt was appropriate with her feelings & expressed them to another adult!!!!! She showed empathy. :smile:

Gotta love ktbug. :princess:

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Wow Linda,
I don't blame you for jumping for joy-heck I've got goose bumps reading this post! I'm so glad she is doing so well! :princess:


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What a great, positive post! It really sounds like kt is seeing the world in a whole new way and I couldn't be happier!!

I can see you jumping for joy! I'm jumping right along side you! :princess:

It's hard enough to deal with the issues of one, but you've got the added bonus of dealing with the issues of wm, as well. I think you've got a great plan. Hopefully, wm will have a breakthrough of his own, soon.

For now, here's to you, husband & kt! :smile:


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Very happy for you and your kt. You've both worked long and hard and best wishes for her continued path to maturity and improvement.