looks like we'll get our iep and difficult child's been rough

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    so sorry i haven't been on, been running around alot getting everything ready to go, had to renew my license, etc.

    difficult child's been horrible this week to be honest, so nasty and mean to me acting out, not sleeping. i knew she'd have some emotions yet i had no idea what i was in store for with her. she's really really rough to the point where i'm like you gotta be kidding i have to be locked up with this kid for two months in another state.

    husband is trying to see if we can afford for him to fly out and meet me on monday and spend two days just to be there while they insert feeding tube and well cause i'm being a baby and want him there lol.

    school i'm working with and their contemplating an iep now, their exact words this is a "unique" situation so her 504 renewal is coming up, i gotta be conferenced in from oregon when it hits. i'm laughing to myself did we have to go thru this much drama for you guys to give us our iep??? LOL sheesh

    that's it all in all, we are expecting snow here on friday so we're watching weather because flight will i'm sure be delayed or affected. yes driving was a stupid idea when i saw all the weather out there.

    husband and i got to watch a movie last night which was good. difficult child is up each night till 3 climing walls seroquel isnt' working. which i knew would happen, that's the way it goes when she's on in too long.

    so how to deal with-her nastiness. so i don't want to admit her to a local hospital that wont' help because im not in the nurture difficult child stage right now. i gave her a journal she's had to utilize, told her try to be nice i know this is hard yet you can't beat me up everyday till we go.