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Son had moved down south to another state about 6 months ago. I had been his payee up until his move. He found another payee for his SSDI benefits and for a while things were good. Then- this past month, they took his money and it's been a road to hell since. I did send him money to get him through a few weeks. I called SS and notified them of the theft and to remove them as payee. The lady I talked to was wonderful, patient, etc. I was so upset and she just had a calming manner in getting it all documented and stopping his funds.

Yesterday, I had no idea how he was going to find another Payee, someone who wouldn't take advantage of him. I was praying, Lord, take this from me, lay your hand over this situation and the phone rings. It was a Minister my son had met. Son found a Minister, who helps the homeless and the poor get on their feet. Son loves to hang out at McDonald's he talks to people, offers them prayer if they want it. Well he offered prayer to the Minister, not knowing he was a Minister.

The Minister and I spoke for an hour, gave me his background, read the rental agreement, how much he would charge, what it includes, etc. He asked my permission to be his payee. Gave me his email, his address, told me to call with any questions or concerns. He said he had a good reputation down at SS office and they knew him from helping quite a few folks. I did google him and he was a Speaker at one of the churches in the town son lives in- so he seems to be a good guy. Son in the past had people call me claiming to be Jesus, and have been fooled.

Minister became his payee today and gave him a room to rent. He has 14 adults that he helps. He told me today when he went to SS that of all the many workers there, they got the lady who talked to me last week. She remember my son and the story. This Minister is even going to take him to the Doctor and help him get an ID, since the folks who were his payee, stole it, along with his birth certificate and SS card.

I pray that this man is a good Man, as I am always cautious, of people my son meets. He has been burned before.

I gave son to the Lord many years ago when he first hit the streets 16 years ago. So for today, it is a good day. I will continue to hope and pray that life goes well for my son, whatever he thinks "a well life" is for him.


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So glad to hear that today is good news. You handed the situation over and we have to have faith that it was He that took it and immediately responded. May this be a blessing in your sons journey.


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Thank you for this post. I've been laying low lately, feeling fragile and not posting much, but needing to gain support, encouragement, inspiration by coming here everyday. Your story is such an example of the right things, right people, right places, etc. all falling in together and fitting together under the law of least effort. All the factors in this situation have been coming together for a long time to fall into place at this moment. I am glad for you today. I am thankful for your son's heart and life. (Which of your sons is this post about? Your older or younger son?) I also pray with you that this minister is a good man. Your sharing this situation gives me a glimpse of hope that there may be a mentor out there somewhere that may take an interest in my own son's life for good.
So for today, it is a good day. I will continue to hope and pray that life goes well for my son, whatever he thinks "a well life" is for him.
This is a great prayer mantra. We take one day at a time.
Today is a good day. Tomorrow comes the new day ~ Ka la hou

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This is so encouraging Ironbutterfly!
Thank you so much for sharing. How wonderful that the minster shared all this with you, asked permission and gave you his contact info. I know that must ease your mind.
((HUGS)) to you............