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    Our Godson, whom we love like he is our own, came to live with us 3 months ago and our semi-normal home is now a place filled with tantrums, screaming, destruction, swearing, and stealing. Austin can be a sweet loving child, but he can also be incredibly violent. As I write this, I am listening to him scream, swear and throw things. I believe that we will eventually get him the help that he needs, but in the meantime, I find that I am growing resentful and angry, which I know is not helpful for anyone. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi and welcome to the board!

    I'm sorry to say that usually our newest members are bombarded with more questions than suggestions at first....there are a lot of things to factor when looking at our challenging children.

    How did your godson come to live with you? What kind of environment was he exposed to? Was there any physical or emotional abuse? How old is he? Do you have other children in the home? Has your godson seen a therapist or psychiatrist? Does he attend school? If so, how does he do there?

    One reading suggestion would be Ross Green's "The Explosive Child". It's a great insight into complicated children. We recommend this to all our new posters.

    I think, were you to give us a little more information, some helpful suggestions and support will follow.

    Again, welcome to the board.

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    check out the 2 cps - collaborative problem solving sites


    In a sentence focus on bonding, connecting, getting him to speak and you listen using dialog questions to promote conversation, perspective taking , concerns , feelings and solving problems. Mentors, buddy-tutors, older brothers, baby sitters who spend fun time with the kid can promote ' thinking' . Focus on calming and relaxing the home , avoid saying no , rather have a conversation and problem solve. It is not easy

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    Welcome to our little (ahem, not so little) family!

    LDM had some good questions, and "The Explosive Child" is a great resource.

    Knowing a bit about his background, and age, would be very helpful. Also - do you have other children? If so - how are they handling this?

    in my opinion - you need to get him in to see the pediatrician, and a psychologist, ASAP. Pediatrician, to find out if there is a medical reason - and psychiatric, to work on emotional/mental health. A change like that - moving in with you - can be very upsetting, especially if there was trauma before.