Losing teeth????

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  1. ShakespeareMamaX

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    When my difficult child started losing his teeth, he was a little worried. But the fantastic tooth fairy (now, I know why she came into existance) took away all the bad feelings and, actually, became a regular penpal for a while.

    Apples help get the tooth out, unknowingly to the child.

    Coincidentally eating pasta the same time his tooth comes out may cover up the blood issue. Hehe... I'd cross my fingers on that one.

    Good luck! (Hey, wasn't Tuesday pasta night on that commercial so long ago? haha)

  2. Hound dog

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    easy child's fear was swallowing them in her sleep.

    Nichole was afraid it would hurt.

    Travis didn't give a hoot, he just wanted to see the tooth fairy. lol

    Apples are wonderful for this sort of thing. Carrots too.

    And I tried to focus on the tooth fairy aspect. Not the actual losing the tooth part. After they lost the first one and all went well their worries were gone.

  3. flutterbee

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    Once a tooth became loose, difficult child wouldn't leave it alone and it would make it tender and bleed and then she would cry. She did however get them all out herself with a tissue with the exception of one or two. I just couldn't make myself pull them out. I was afraid of hurting her.
  4. susiestar

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    My kids wanted to KEEP them. Too icky for me. We compromised and kept the first one and NO others. husband cleaned them in some stuff they used at the lab he worked in. I still think it is gross, and they are in a drawer with all the other keepsakes.

    I just can't bring myself to stick one in a scrapbook!!

    Tooth Fairy got all the others. She left notes after the first one, asking where it was, her count was off, threw off her whole night, etc...

    Not any of them would still give up the teeth easily. They wanted to PLAY with them.

    OK. Too creeped out for words now.


  5. Wiped Out

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    My difficult child loved the idea of losing teeth and once it became loose he worked it until it came out-same with all of his teeth since then. Didn't bother him at all but then again this is the kid who loves getting his blood drawn and asks the person to use the biggest needle.
  6. Stella Johnson

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    As soon as my difficult child notices that it is in the least bit loose she yanks it out. I'm too squeamish. I can't watch. :faint: She likes to do it in school so they will give her one of those little tooth necklaces. Blood from teeth doesn't bother my difficult child one bit. :hammer:

  7. Josie

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    My older daughter couldn't stand to do anything about her loose teeth and would just let it stay there until it fell out on its own. Sometimes it would be when she was eating an apple or bagel. Sometimes it would be hanging by a thread where I wanted to reach in and grab it but she wouldn't allow it.

    My younger daughter would become very anxious about it and work at it until it came out. She would be falling apart over it while this was going on. It wasn't fun.
  8. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    You could make it a huge production.

    They sell tooth fairy pillows. My stepsons had little pillos about the size of a piece of bread, shaped like a tooth. They had a little pocket on them for the tooth to fit into. They would put the tooth pillow with their real tooth next to their sleep pillow, and by morning the tooth fairy replaced it with money.

    Tink got a book from her Grandmother about the tooth fairy. It came with a satin pouch. She puts the tooth in the pouch under her pillow, and the way the tooth fairy does not have to hunt for the tooth in the dark. Again, by morning, the pouch is back under her pillow with money in it.

    Another thing I do with Tink is I got this little pot of glitter gel. When the I take her tooth and leave her money, I leave a dab of the gel on her cheek. She wakes up and sees this spot of glitter on her cheek, and I have convinced her that it is where the tooth fairy kissed her.
  9. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    husband reminded me how our whole keeping the tooth thing came along.

    It was Joey's fault.

    Joey went to daycare with difficult child. Joey had a much older half bro who was a difficult child and was muchly a difficult child intraining himself.

    One day, I was greeted at the door of the daycare with, did you know difficult child had a loose tooth?

    Noooooo. I was a bit confused, because the school seemed a bit upset.

    They apologized profusely. I wondered if someone hit him or he fell or something.

    Well. Or something.

    He had JUST found it.

    Joey heard of this.

    Joey was a bit bigger, and friends with his older cousin. So when Joey cornered him he did not complain.

    Apparently it was not until they were lining up for the bathroom before recess that they realized difficult child had a face full of blood.

    Joey not only cornered him, Joey somehow reached in and YANKED that tooth right out!!

    They had to almost strip search Joey before he would give up the tooth.

    Joey had already been warned about his little dentistry business. difficult child was not his first unknowing client. Joey had made this a habit.

    Joey's mom apologized. She was so embarrased. I know, now, much of how she felt.

    At the time I was not sure why anyone made a big deal about it, until I saw the shirt they changed difficult child out of. Boy did he bleed.

    And from then on difficult child was convinced those teeth were major valuables, far too valuable to let "Some Fairy" have.

    Alas, Joey is not now studying dentristry. Though his parents still have hopes that at some point he will remember this and proceed to support them to the manner to which they have not yet become accustomed.

    Anyway, that is our tooth saga.
  10. TerryJ2

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    Yes, I'm sure that's why the Tooth Fairy was invented. My difficult child was very stressed out about the pain and blood, but after he found $ under his pillow the next morning, he suddenly calmed down. Once he counted his teeth and realized that at some point they would ALL come out, he realized how lucrative it could be.

    Hmm... shades of a kids' version of a Michael Crichton novel, selling body parts ...

  11. Marcie Mac

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    The first tooth difficult child lost he was told all about the tooth fairy, and how if he put it under his pillow, she would come and collect it and leave him a treat.

    Well, that night, the tooth fairy was soooo tired, and already dressed for bed having put in a full day at work, and comming home to cook and do laundry, she almost forgot. She went to her wallet, looking for a few quartrs - empty - and for almost an hour she searched - no change anywhere.

    So instead of going out, she lazily put a 5.00 bill in the tooth fairy pillow. Next morning, maybe round 5:00 A.M., she is awoken to a question from little difficult child..Mom, how many teeth do I have. I said I think 32 or something like that, being still half asleep. Then I hear him tell easy child she said maybe 32. Then I hear him rummaging in my purse. difficult child, what in the heck are you doing. Looking for the calculator Mom.

    A few minutes later the tooth fairys eyes flew open, she jumped out of bed, and caught difficult child with a string in a good tooth waiting for his brother to slam the door shut, no doubt he was thinking he was going to share the motherload of money in his brothers mouth...

    I had to make up a quick story about how the tooth fairy must have given out so many dollars that night, she came to our house and didn't have change, and by the way, she won't ever leave you as much as a dime if you have good teeth.

  12. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Tooth Fairies can leave IOU's.

    You know some nights there are just soooooo many teeth that the poor fairie runs out of money. So the Tooth Fairie leaves the child with an IOU and the tooth money gets deposited at a later time.

    been there done that

    Or.... (when we were really broke)

    Tooth Fairie must have had an awful LOT of teeth to gather and must have been too worn out to pick up yours. Keep tucking it under your pillow. Must be an awful lot of kids loosing their teeth right now, but she'll show up.

    Worked on my kids. lol
  13. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    My mom blew it for me when I was 5.

    Instead of leaving an IOU, she left a note saying that she could not get there because of the storm.

    "Mom", I asked, "if the tooth fairy could not get here, how did she leave the note?"

    Mom was never very good at lying. She turned red and started stammering.

    My dad, in the background, says "way to go, Mary..."
  14. LynnG61

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    These make me smile, I remember when my difficult child found out there was no Santa. He looked at me and said, I bet the tooth fairy is not real either, what else did you lie to me about mom? And he was really mad at me too!

    I bit back a smile and explained it was like Cinderella, a fairy tale, you know it wasn't true yet it still made you smile.

    Whew, I got off the hook on that one.... about two days later! lol
  15. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Our tooth fairy leaves gifts... sometimes money. But I will leave a new book or a small toy...K doesn't care.
  16. weatheringthestorm

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    I would go with the IOU or the delay in picking the tooth up. That mistakenly happened to my youngest a couple of times. At least once he lost a tooth during the night without my knowing and didn't understand why the tooth fairy didn't come. I had to tell him that parents have to notify her and since he didn't tell me I didn't tell her.

    My difficult child didn't have any real issues with losing his teeth, but he lost them early and quickly.

    My easy child was late to start losing them. In 1st grade his teacher had a Lost Tooth Club and my easy child was desperate to have his name added. By the end of the year he was the only kid who hadn't lost a tooth. That summer one finally became a little loose. Unfortunately he lost it while eating a Snicker's bar and swallowed it. That was cause for all sorts of trauma. He wanted to go digging for it after it passed. We left a note explaining what happened instead.

    He then went through a phase of wanting to keep his teeth. The meeger $2 the tooth fairy apparently wasn't enough. I only let him keep one. He had lost that during the school day and they put it in a little treasure chest. This was in 2nd grade. He still treasures his tooth, he's almost 13! It was hard forcing him to give up his teeth. I still don't understand it.

    Best of luck to you!