Lost yet another job...


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difficult child has lost another job. I think this is number five since graduation 1 year ago. His father isn't giving me details but the newest job lasted one day. BUT, his father let him trade in the truck I bought him a year ago for a jeep. He's had it two weeks and now it's in the shop. I just do NOT understand how this is ever going to change. I know it isn't ME who's enabling, but his father is and its destroying our son. He feeling more entitled every day!!!

Sorry, just needed to vent. SO frustrated!!!

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You cannot control the father.

He is doing his best that he knows, too.

How can you, which tool is it in your toolbox, wakeupcall, that will help you through this time? If you look there, in your imaginary tool box, and find nothing that will help you now, then do a search of the threads that has a word in it that describes your situation to you.

I think that will help you. I hope that will be a helpful, strengthening thing for you, wakeupcall.

Holding you in my thoughts.


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I know it isn't ME who's enabling
And that's enough.
You know you can't control your son and you can't control his father. The only one you can control is you and you are not enabling and that is a good thing.

I know how frustrating it can be. My son has had several people along the way that were more than willing to enable him. Given enough time these people wised up to the lies and manipulation and stopped enabling my son. I would imaging it will be similar with your son and his father.