Lots of questions

O.K. here we go I have taken difficult child off Folcain and Adderal I feel she was getting less control of her emotions and bigger and worse meltdowns. Well her teacher called today and asked if everything was ok because difficult child was having a bad week, I told her that difficult child was taken off medications and she did not sound very happy. I told her that difficult child was having a bad time with medications about meltdowns and not remembering anything about them after. She said I should talk to difficult child's doctor and see about another medication. I told her that we were going to try a more natural way still not to pleased she kept pushing for medications. I asked for a behavioral IEP but she said difficult child is not hurting anyone but this time I did the pushing to see about it she did not sound like it would do much but I asked her to find out about it. Than I asked if my grandmother could come and help difficult child stay focused a few days a week (she used to be a teacher and has a good connection with difficult child) teacher said does she plan to stay with her for 12 Yrs through school? :Hot Head: that really got me hot!!! So far two suggestions were shot down and no offers other that medications from her. Then I was driving home from work with difficult child and easy child and easy child decieded to tell me that difficult child has had her seat changed to the corner for a while now not sure exact # of days :Hot Head: What am I to do I'm out of ideas please help me anyone!!!! :confused: