Low white blood count?


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I've always had one, but worse since traumatic car accident. I just had my yearly check up, blood work included. I see a very good nurse practitioner whom I love. Everyone in her office, indeed at the clinic, has my personal approval to call my hisband for any reason if they cant reach me. And today I was not reachable.
When hub picked me up, husband told me that he got a call from my NPs M.A. to tell me my white count was lower than it has been for most of my life. She told him I shouldn't worry, that it isnt anything serious, but NP wants me to see a hematologist to be cautious. She also said that the rest of my bloodwork was good, and, frankly, I feel great.
But theres that niggle of concern. I tend to worry about things like this, regarding myself and those I love. I cant get this out of my mind and, of course, it is a weekend.
My hub said M.A. was very chill and told him to tell me not to worry (she knows me well). Honestly, they wouldn't lie to make me feel better. They're not like that. Still...they dont know for sure what is causing the change, although it could be still from the accident. White count has been lower sinse then.
Anyone have knowledge that wont scare me to pieces?
Thanks for reading this far. Im not REALLY worried, but I am, if that makes sense...lol.
Any knowledge appreciated and thanks given in advance. No scary stuff please. I already read the internet!!


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SWOT, this could be a side effect from medications you were on after the accident, or could be a late-developing side effect from the paroxetine (sp?)