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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by neednewtechnique, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Our difficult child informed me, only this morning that she spent 4 days last week in lunch detentions because of incomplete homework... she swears it was all for one assignment, but something doesn't seem right about that... especially since this is the same Soc Stud teacher she had last year and she missed many more than one assignment and he never gave her lunch detention then. So I wonder, then, what caused this. So I email the teacher, hoping for a quick response, but then I remember, he only checks his email like, once a week, if that so I may not know unless I call the school and talk to him, which I am considering doing tomorrow. I am not complaining if what she says is true, especially if it will get her to do her homework, but it just seems like a bit much for one assignment...

    We have decided, with the advice of our difficult child's therapist, that we will NOT get involved with homework unless it becomes a huge problem, and after we made that agreement with difficult child last year, she did great since she knew there was little chance to argue with us about it, but I am wondering if there starts to be MORE problems, how far do we let things go before we step in????
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    Hi, NNT -

    Our SD also uses loss of recess or lunch detention for undone HW, especially in the lower grades. My now HS senior deliberately began to not do his HW in 3rd grade because he hated being outside where the only activity was sports. He would finish his work in 2 minutes and then they'd let him read. Once we figured out his MO, we changed the punishment to he HAD to play outside and would lose TV at home.
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    I would ask the teacher what is going on. Then decide if you want to interfere. The "no interference" agreement is often a good one at that age. It really helps homelife. Esp if you do not get them out of the conswquences.

    But I would ask a few questions first.

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    I think you have a good plan insofar as not getting involved in the homework battles - especially if it has been a problem in the past. I would however, contact the teacher and find out what is going on with the lunch detentions. It's good to know what is happening.

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    in my humble opinion, the teacher is handling it and will contact you when you are needed to intervene. My suspicion is that she is not getting the homework done in the lunch detention either, so she keeps having to go for the same assignment. Either that or the teacher is really cute! LOL!
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    I agree that the teacher is handling it and you shouldn't have to worry about it.
    If your daughter's grades begin to slip, believe me, you'll hear about it! :smile: