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    thank you found a tick last Monday. He pulled it off before he told husband about it, and I jsut found out about it. It is raised, but no redness. I don't see the bullseye rash, but from what I have been reading this can go away rather quickly. He is also coming up on about when it would appear.

    We have talked to him about telling us if he notices a rash.

    From what he has shown me, it was a very small tick.

    Would it be a good idea to get a round of antibiotics from the doctor?? Should we take him to urgent care tomorrow, or wait until Monday and take him to the pediatrician?? I don't think the urgent care docs would do much, they tend to tell you to wait and if you see symptoms then go to the doctor. But not always.

    If we go to the pediatrician I will take printouts from the lyme disease foundation, but the urgent care docs don't know us, and tend to write most things off as hysterical parenting if you take in anything printed out from anywhere. That is why I am hesitant about urgent care.

    Thanks for any/all info and advice.

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    If he got a tick bite I think it would be best to do preventative medicine. IF it's raised - that could mean something. A few of the members here have Lyme's disease. So they'll be along shortly -

    Go with your gut. And if ANYONE in ANY doctors office ever tells you that you are hysterical or overreacting - THROW A FRIGGIN hissy fit. And then say calmly THAT is a hysterical fit. THAT isn't what I was doing. I was doing the Good Mom dance and you killed it with your sarcasm. Nice doctor - I'm sure I'll pay to come back here.

    PFt. :full:
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    I would try to get at least 8 weeks of antibiotics for it. 4 weeks might be enough. I have met people who were treated for a couple of weeks and now have chronic Lyme. You don't know if he has been exposed to Lyme, but it would be better to take a long course of antiobiotics than end up sick for a long time. I think doxycycline is the first choice. Amoxicillin might also be used for small children.

    If he gets any kind of a rash, take a picture and go to the doctor right away. I don't know if it is raised if that means anything. I do know you don't have to get the bullseye rash to get Lyme Disease but if you do get the bullseye rash it is definitely Lyme Disease.

    A nymph tick is the size of the period at the end of this sentence and can transmit Lyme so the size of the tick doesn't matter.

    I think it will be difficult to get antibiotics without a rash. Be persistent! Go to more than one doctor if you have to.

    With or without treatment, watch for early signs of Lyme disease. My daughter's early symptoms were neuropsychiatric and included raging, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), cognitive problems, headaches, a feeling that something wasn't right. I'm not sure what all the symptoms are so do some research on it. At the first sign of Lyme symptoms or any change in physical or mental health, make an appointment with an ILADS doctor, but try to get antibiotics from your regular doctor while you wait.

    There's 2 schools of thought about Lyme Disease. ILADS doctors are aggressive in treating Lyme. Most doctors believe it is rare and easily treated with a few weeks of antibiotics.

    On a positive note, my mother had a bullseye rash and took antibiotics for a few weeks and is fine. I think a lot of people are exposed to Lyme and don't get really sick.
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    I personally, would rather be safe than sorry. I'd take him into the pediatrician doctor asap.

    I've removed many a tic off my kids. (the blessings of being rural) Actually already have once this year. Nichole had one. Not one of them had left a raise red area a period of time later. And these weren't small tics really.

    Not trying to worry you more. It's just what I'd do.