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    I've been reading some stuff on the web about ADHD children being treated with magnesium (and vitamin B6) as a natural alternative to drug treatments, sometimes with spectacular results. Does anyone have any experience of this?
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    Never heard of that, but do know that for some ppl, Bs can act as stims. Sisters and I all started taking full B complex vitamins to reduce stress and boost energy. Oldest can NOT take them on a daily basis. She says if she does, she can't sit still at work. She only takes them as part of her multi daily, and then on weekends, when all the physical work needs to get done, she'll take the additional B complex.

    If you go this route, make sure you know how much to give him. Just because it's natural, doesn't mean you can't overdose on it. And I think magnesium MUST be taken with food.

    by the way, welcome back!
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    Not with ADHD but with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The entire B vitamin family along specifically with B6 + Niacin + lots of vit. C, as well as other more specified vitamins that I came up with during research [it's been almost 4 years now and we have not used the later ones the last 2 years as he got tired of taking daily handful of vitamin pills and he really wasn't ready to "work it" back then, I can look for my old notes if you want to have specifics]. The Bfamily did help a lot though, and we still use them [more or less] religiously.

    What also helped [in my opinion at least] was cooking from scratch and less out of the box/prepared freezer food or dishes. More veggies + fruit; virtually cutting out sodas other than the occasional one when going out for lunch/dinner, drastically reducing sugar intake [again cutting back not only on actual sugar useage but also everything else sugary - no more cookies, cakes, "fake" cereals, canned fruit, juices only watered down, etc etc].

    I've also talked him into a bowel cleaning program - he tends to withold and become constipated, and I was pretty sure he had impacted fecal matter collecting for years. I am sure that is not so much an issue with a 4 yr old, but my son had been constipated even as a baby, and pretty much stayed that way no matter how/what he ate. In the later years he avoided going #2 and dragged it out as long as he could, and I had to resort to laxatives just to get him to eliminate at all.

    So while I can't say which in particular did [or did not] help him, I am sure the cleansing in combination with the vitamins and healthier eating, coupled with more emotional maturity, is what started his turn about when he turned 16ish. It did take quite a while to come together though but it seems to be a lasting change for the better [although he still has his stupid moments, LOL].
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    There seems to be quite a lot of info on the net about this - hyperactivity/ADHD treated with magnesium and B6, with reportedly good or even astounding results. I plan to try it, using safe amounts of course.
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    [h=1]Magnesium is an essential mineral for human nutrition.[/h]Function.
    Magnesium in the body serves several important functions:
    • Contraction and relaxation of muscles
    • Function of certain enzymes in the body
    • Production and transport of energy
    • Production of protein
    Food sources

    Most dietary magnesium comes from vegetables, such as dark green, leafy vegetables. Other foods that are good sources of magnesium:
    • Fruits or vegetables (such as bananas, dried apricots, and avocados)
    • Nuts (such as almonds and cashews)
    • Peas and beans (legumes), seeds
    • Soy products (such as soy flour and tofu)
    • Whole grains (such as brown rice and millet.
  6. Yes, we have used both with some success. We are having separate issues now, but between ages 5-12 we did a lot of biomedical interventions, including gluten-free, casein-free diet, which we still do, seeing a DAN doctor once or twice, when we could afford it, and various supplements.

    My son responds well to epsom salts (soaks) and Natural Calm him better focus very quickly and noticeably. This explains it fairly well. We also removed a lot of phenol foods from his diet at one time when he was younger. Phenol made him hyper and spacey and killed what little attention span he has. I think it still does, but we aren't as strict now.

    We briefly did b12 shots -- very good. Lots of results from that, but he was about 6 and we were working on basic communication skills, which we saw increase with the B12. Now we do oral methyl b12, never cyanocobalamin....just didn't work for us.

    We are on a little break from most supplements, as puberty hit and we have other things going on. We regularly do b6, magnesium, cod liver oil, and some other b vitamins, but we find they don't work nearly as well when his diet is out of whack, as when he is eating well.

    He tends to crave sugar, and have yeast-like gut problems. When his diet is clean, his supplements seem to work somewhat. We eat very little processed food.

    There is a lot out there, bio-medically, and I believe a lot of it really works. But it is hard to stick to. Ask me questions and I can give you specific links.