Manster Gone to Outdoor Lab

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, Feb 23, 2011.

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    We had a rough coupla days with a virus and high temp, worrying manster might not recover in time for the 6th grade's adventure to outdoor lab which is at a campsite in the mountains. The kids in this area have been going to ODL for years and it's a rite of passage here. doctor gave us the green light after step test came back negative and yesterday I sent him on the bus.

    Mom is soo not crying lol. I think I need this break and declaration of independence as much as he does. My worries are over little things like "will he remember to brush his teeth or wash his pits" ... and the answer is likely not but I know he will survive and hopefully his bunk mate will tell him he stinks (I know his bunk mate and he's a great kid and he and manster are good freinds). Interesting how the kids who you think are their tormentors often turn out to be their "best buds". This is the kid who organized the 5th grade newspaper and told manster he couldn't participate in the presentation because he was just the delivery boy lol. I made such a big deal over this and it got back to this boy who actually apologized and said "I'm sorry, I didn't know it meant so much to you". Now they are bunk mates.

    Sorry for the long winded, sideways to the point, post.

    I'm a free woman for a few days! I will report back upon his return.
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    I guess no one cares lol
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    Just saw this; I check in at least once a day but don't always read everything. The kids seem to love the sixth grade camps; I know Miss KT did, and I hear the kids at school talk about how excited they are to go, and about the fun they had after they get back. Enjoy your peaceful quiet! Hubby went with Miss KT so it was just me and the dog for three days...I loved it!
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    I hope you enjoy your downtime. I hope Manster has a great time at camp.
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    I think it's great that he is prepared to go to camp and actually wants to go. When my difficult child was that age, he was pooping in his pants all the time, and he couldn't take part in anything like that. He missed out on a lot of activities.

    Hope Manster has a good time and manages to hold himself together. Great that he has a good frient as a bunk mate.

    You just enjoy this time, and use it to recharge your batteries. I know, it is a wonderful feeling when they are not in the house, one can really relax. So enjoy!

    Love, Esther
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    I... have absolutely no idea what to say. I don't know how my kid will be by that age, or if I'd feel she was capable of participating without a major meltdown. I hope he does well and you enjoy your days off.
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    I hope it's the bunkmate that does not wash his pits, and Manster reports THAT.......(that will teach that little smelly boy to pick on my nephew) ----

    And Mom? Are you crying? (passes the Puffs with lotion) Don't cry Mom. :consoling:. You know boys come back from camp with like 100 stories to tell.....THEIR DADS...:sorrysmiley:but I think it's a rite of passage for them. Hopefully he'll have to start figuring out which ones he can tell Mom. But he will have to discuss that WITH (passes Puffs again).

    Sooooo where are we going to go now that you have an empty house to yourself? I know you can come here and dump the 1700 plus emails in my in box! lol......groan.

    Hugs - ENJOY YOUR TIME. I on the other hand have been using my powers for good - I got my CDL.....whoopie! Now no one wants to hire me because i have no experience.....ya think?

    Okay - and what's this about no one cares? Are YOU SERIOUS? ------------(spank)

    GET BACK HERE MISSY! (raised eyebrow look)

    No I mean (TO THE WATERCOOLER BATGIRL) ..........theme music..........