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    My 38 year old daughter has been mostly manic during this pandemic. The manic talking is driving my husband crazy. Today my daughter came over and talked nonstop, I looked at my husband's face and he was white as a ghost then left the room, he just could not take it. I think she stays up all night and reads political things. She wanted to spend time with us which I think is nice but GOOD LORD with all that political talk.

    My daughter and I discussed my friend that did me so wrong last summer. My daughter said 'Why don't you just give her a big hug' I told her that I deserve more kindness and respect and I did nothing to deserve such ugly treatment from her and since I know that exfriend is capable of such damage and deep down ugly behavior I do not want or need such a person in my life and I sure do not need such a soul in my future. My daughter looked at me long and hard and knew I was talking about her past behavior too.

    A couple of days ago I had to redo my mammogram. (it turned out good) but I was very frightened. I was surprised how frantic my daughter became. She sent text after text. I could see in her face and body language that she was frightened too. Just when I thought she did not give a sh## about me I saw she did even in the midst of her mania. If one good thing happened it was that I saw real authentic concern.

    I have been working on detatching from buying her things. I usually have a box full of things to give her each week, stuff I pick up from the stores, things I know she will like. I was proud of myself that I put some flip flops back that I was going to get for her. I did not pick up her favorite cheeses either. All the cute summer beach towels I get for her each year, nope not going to do that either. I still feel guilty when I don't or if she was better but when she goes back to being wicked all my guilt leaves and I feel justice.
    Can't believe we will be in June very soon.
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    When she is manic, will she let you change the subject of conversation? Politics makes me weary as well. It's so kind of you to box her favorite things, she is lucky to have a thoughtful mom. I'm happy that you were able to witness her concern for you. That is something to hold on to! So, how does she feel about Trump? Totally kidding, I don't want to know. LOL
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    It's hard enough right now for people not dealing with "issues" - but even harder for those that do. My son, who has some anxiety, is very politically talkative. He could go on for hours. Ha.

    It sounds like you had a couple sweet moments with her. I hope that was good for you.