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    I'm here and gone and here and gone. My last post was probably in Oct. Was looking for a support site like this re. caretaking = My Mom, and then I didn't follow up to see if anyone had any suggestions.

    We placed her in a assisted living facility in Oct. after a TIA (mini-stroke.) She's doing well. Physically she's "fine." Has lost couple more of her marbles since the TIA however.

    And it's another October with sonnyboy. 24 yr now. Was back home for couple years and then had him get out last Oct. (First kicked him out Oct 2002 @ 17 yr.) Now he'll be out of apt. mid month-roommate buying a house, unemployed since spring, getting unemployment, has been asking to return home. Keep telling him NO. Keeps asking.

    I Have been working with therapist cause I know how hard this could be. No Job, No place to live, No more help from Mom. Unemployment's got to run out. [what if he is always losing jobs and without money, etc., etc., etc., doesn't get it and figure out how to survive!!! breaks my heart.]

    After bunch of texts this weekend, much easier to deal with than yelling and screaming tantrums in my face.......... Told him to stop texting or I'll block his #. Won't be surprised if he starts phoning or comes over to press his luck and my buttons. grrrr! Phone will be off if that happens.

    Anybody else sandwiched in the middle? Any boards for that?