medication adjustment and a compliment


After about 5+ years of difficult child’s Adderall working well, it stopped working. :frown:

We’ve been going through one medication adjustment after another. Upped to 30 mg, then back down to 25 mg but added Tenex, then increased Tenex. All to no avail. We went back to the doctor again yesterday afternoon.

Apparently, “puberty” causes so many changes that it can adversely impact medications. Seems we have encountered a fairly common problem with “puberty” and medications.

Dylanta (sp) declined (difficult child would pull the patch off).
Ritalin declined because difficult child has taken it before and it doesn’t work, difficult child gets the rebound, and he becomes aggressive.
Strattera – doctor says it won’t help difficult child on its own (ADHD Combined diagnosis).
Concerta is our next trial. (Not happy about it – it’s a form of Ritalin, therefore, will not start administering until after school is out. Just not worth the risk that difficult child would knock somebody up side the head with little provocation.)
If that doesn’t “do it,” we’ll add in the Strattera in about 6 weeks.

Of course, it takes a couple of weeks for the Strattera to kick in. (Not happy about it.)

Seems there may be a “possibility” that the Adderall will work again once difficult child gets through “puberty.” (Throwing mom a bone of hope.)

“Puberty” is rapidly rising to the top of my things most hated list.

We’re also going through a “don’t need the medication,” “don’t want to take the medication” phase. It’s not optional, so doctor proceeds to with some straight talk to difficult child.

Among other things, in a nice way, he told difficult child to disregard information from friends (you don’t have to take that), husband (you just want to be the class clown), etc., and listen to your mother. She’s researched and knows what she is talking about; she knows more about ADHD and medicines than most doctors I know. Then he looked at me and said, “I mean that.”

A true compliment and I just said, “I appreciate that.” But somehow it didn’t give me the warm fuzzies to learn in more concrete terms just how vulnerable the medical profession, and in turn our kids, can be.


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At least doctor recognizes your knowledge. It helps when you have docs that trust you. I recall crying during one of my sessions and I lost a whole lot of credibility - now I was just a hysterical mom.

I went through the medication refusal game as well. It is a tough one. Puberty - it sure belongs on the list of most hated things that is for sure!

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You've always done a remarkable job advocating for your difficult child & educating yourself on his issues. I'm glad psychiatrist recognizes that.

Puberty is playing havoc with tweedles dee & dum..... life is not pretty.

I hope the medication trial is more positive than you anticipate.


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Ahh puberty one of my biggest fears!!! Glad you are getting through it with compliments!!! and obviously still sane!

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It's nice the doctor sat him down and had a straight talk with him. Hopefully it will help. It was a nice compliment and a deserved one.