medication work this fast or wishful thinking?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Sep 21, 2010.

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    difficult child took the klonopin last evening and again this morning. Along with his other medications and Omega 3, and thaedine. He texted me at his lunch and told me the depersonalization isn't gone but it is the best he has felt in a very, very long time.

    Now, I know he always starts new medications with high hopes, and I know he can talk himself into a lot. Those who have experience with this medication, would it be possible to help that fast? I am keeping my fingers crossed..and my toes..and everything else I can cross...

    Also, he told me that the depersonalization is better when he is in pain or when he is really angry. Do you think IF the depersonlization lifts that he won't be so angry? I am torn. He says so many hurtful things when he is angry and then tells me he is sorry but when he is angry he can't help himself. I am just tired of the same apology over and over.

    And WHO would EVER tell someone to hurt their mother. I just cannot get past that. psychiatrist told me to get over it he was angry. But I can't. How can he tell someone to hurt me. He told husband to "slam her head in the door". I just have a hard time getting over that. I just cannot understand.

    Thank you all for letting me and listening to me whin for a few days. There is NO way parents and PP could EVER understand. They think I make this all up and doesn't believe in the mental health diagnosis's. easy child doesn't believe. He told me I MADE him this way!

    oh well, off for EMDR treatment now.

    Thank you again.
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    hey i know nothing of the medication. yet generally speaking with-most the first few doses can hit kids hard till their body adjusts i've come to learn. as far as him doing that, i'll tell you what i self talk myself seperate as best you can. try to look and say ok he is sick, didnt' have the control at that moment. i do think he should still own up apologize etc. yet you have to take each hit seperately, not glom them all together kinda thing. take it day by day. that's what i'm learning to do. projecting can make you sick, as well as jumping with each new medication. breath and just try best you can to be patient. i soooo know how easy it isnt'!!!

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    Prozac had an immediate effect on me as well as difficult child. Prayers this works for your difficult child!!! I can relate to these difficult child's saying things in anger. I, too, have done that on several occasions. I have really been that angry :(
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    I don't know about the medications helping that fast-is it one that takes some time to build up in his system or not? If it doesn't it could help that quickly.

    I know how hurtful the comment difficult child made was to you. I get them from my difficult child all the time (next moment he'll be asking me to play a game with him-just doesn't get it). While I try to let his comments roll off my shoulder and tell myself when he is angry he isn't really saying what he means it still hurts. Still, over time, I've developed my rhino skin (still an act in progress) and I am eventually (usually sooner than later) able to get past it.

    Do not listen to your easy child! You did not make difficult child the way he is. Gentle hugs.
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    Klonopin works right away, no build up time necessary. I take it prn for anxiety, my husband has taken it also. I have found that within 1/2 or so it works for me. I am glad it helped with him. FYI, most anti anxiety medications work right away.
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    I'm so sorry you have to hear those things. been there done that. I used to blame myself, thinking I must be a terrible person if my own son feels that way about me. It's taken me a loooong time to realize that I'm not the problem. But I know how much it hurts. (((hugs)))
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    I kknow klonopin works right away, so yes, it is possible. Regardless of why, enjoy the break - you deserve it.

    Everything is crossed for you guys. The hurt comes thru your posts loud and clear.

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    Nichole is the type that when she's angry she spews pure venom from her mouth. She is only in these last couple of years learning to control it to some degree of success.

    99 percent of the time she doesn't mean a word of what comes spilling out.........and I've watched her enough over the years that I've begun to think that once she reaches a certain level of rage......her brain shuts down and her mouth takes on a life of it's own, the next stage is physical violence.....but that thankfully hasn't happened since the teen years. As I said, she's been working on learning to control this for some time now.

    I learned to not take it personal. It's a way to hurt with words instead of being physical........and as I've pointed out to Nichole repeatedly......often it hurts worse as it is impossible to take back something that has come spilling out of your mouth.

    Klonopin is amazing. I used it for a few months and it worked with the 1st dose. For the first time I think in my entire life I was actually relaxed. I wasn't too happy when psychiatrist decided I didn't need it anymore.......and my back muscles are now as tense as always. ugh lol I hope it works well for difficult child. It might reduce the edgyness enough that it won't trigger the rage.

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    This is the medication Star referred to as her "marshmallow" medication. Said she felt like she was walking around on soft marshmallows and everything was just happy happy! Basically a legal joint in pill form...lmao.