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I just ordered this CD called insight ( It is supposed to help with relaxation and stress reduction. I am hoping it will help my difficult child because the neative aspects of her condition are triggered mostly by stress. My cousin does research in this area and found it useful. I thought that some of you with similar problems might want to check it out.

I also bought the book recommended by several people on the forum, "The Explosive Child." I think that maybe he has been spying on me. He seems to know my difficult child far too well!
Yes, The Explosive Child speaks to most of us!
Meditation is an excellent tool. I meditate at least once a day. I use a Golden Light meditation, primarily.
I went to a lecture yesterday about the power of the "inner pharmacy". If we can teach our children how to use their minds to keep their bodies healthy, it can do wonders. There are many ways to teach kids, such as meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, etc. Starting young will help them make it a daily habit.