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    The following from a child with multiple language-based disabilities. He's come a long way.

    I'll post later with some background. lol As my shocked husband said, "It's pretty strong."


    Made Up NOT TRUE!

    Has your brother ever been in a fight with your mom? Mine has. My friend wanted to hear the story but I said it was a long story so I left to go to school. A few minutes later my friend saw me coming back. He giggled and said, "It's Saturday, school's not open"."Now what was the story?" he asked.

    Well, this is how it began. My older brother is 15 years old. His name is Blake. My little brother is 7 years old. His name is Michael. Michael, my mom, and I were watching TV when Blake came in. He walked up to the TV and turned it to a show called "The Simpsons". My mom Rachael erupted like a volcano and yelled, "Turn that back!" Blake said, "Why don't you get your lazy self up and do it yourself"? She got up and went up to him and said, "Just because you're 15 doesn't mean you can talk to me like that".

    "I'll do what ever I want", he shouted. She slapped him so hard I thought I was in World War 2.

    After that Blake stormed out of the living room, up the stairs, and into his room. Rachael went up to his room and we followed; only Michael and I stopped in front of his room. When Rachael got up there, Blake came out. She was trying to talk to him but he kept on walking. When she found out that he wasn't listening she blew up like the biggest atomic bomb that anyone has ever made and said, "Turn around and look at me when I'm talking to you".

    Blake stopped, turned around and hit her in the lip and busted it and blood was gushing out. The fight had started.

    Rachael probably was hitting a little bit harder but Blake got the most hits. After Rachael fell down from his last punch, I ran up to Blake and pushed him down the stairs. He rolled all the way down and got busted up pretty bad. He had a cut on his right arm, there was blood pouring out of his nose, and he was bleeding right above his right eyebrow.

    Michael, Rachael, and I went up to my room. I looked out the door way and Blake was at the last step of the stairs and was holding a bb gun. It wasn't just a regular BB gun, the BB gun he had could you easily kill you and it sounds like a shotgun.

    I got my 45 caliber pistol from the top of my stereo. As I was turning around I heard a gun shot. I looked to my side and saw my little brother Michael falling down. I aimed the gun at Blake and shot him in the head. Blake fell down dead.

    I sat down by Michael while Rachael went to call the ambulance. They took him to the hospital and Rachael and I went too. We had to wait in the waiting room because they wouldn't let us go in until the bleeding stopped.

    While we were waiting, a police officer came to talk with us. He asked me if I had shot Blake. "Yes", I answered. My heart was pounding. I thought that I was going to go to jail. "Don't worry, you're not in any trouble", he said. I would have done the same thing if I had an older brother that shot my 7 year old little brother", he added.

    A nurse came to us and said that he got shot in the chest 3 inches away from his heart, and that he was coming home in 2 weeks.

    "That's the story", I said. I looked at my friend and he asked if Michael was still in the hospital. "Yes", I answered. "Can we go see him"? He asked. "Yes", I said. So we did.
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    Good story. Quite
  3. Wiped Out

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    Pretty amazing for someone with multiple language-based disabilities!
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    "Don't worry, you're not in any trouble", he said. I would have done the same thing if I had an older brother that shot my 7 year old little brother", he added.

    OMG, ROFLMAO!!!! This is every kid's dream!!!
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    Have to give difficult child 5 stars for creativity. My goodness - if this were kt or wm, I'd have them in a therapist's office so fast, you'd spin. LOL

    Looking forward to that background, Sheila. :smile:
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    :smile: I was blown away. What a great bit of writing. The story is graphic for me but it's so typical a boy his age. You must be feeling so good. He has come so incredibly far.
    :bravo: to you and your husband. You have been a tireless advocate for difficult child. husband has been right behind you.
    Give him a hug from me. Great job.
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    Great story. I never would've guessed that he ever had any language disablilties. Good descriptive language.

    "I got my 45 caliber pistol from the top of my stereo". LOL where every teenager probably keeps their pistols.

    He put in all of that punctuation too? I am definitely impressed.

    Great Job!
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    Yes a very good writing job though graphic. My easy child has dyslexia and dysgrapia yet he writes the most beautiful poetry. It is amazing how some kids can overcome so much. Kudos to your difficult child for his determination and his efforts! -RM
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    I had various emotions racing through my mind when I read difficult child's story - awed by the leap in written expression ability; a sinking feeling that he needed to get back into counseling; expectation of CPS showing up next week (lol), and more.

    The assignment was to write about helping someone. When I asked how it was he came up with this idea I learned that difficult child's story was inspired by an incident a friend (S.) of his told him about.

    Our difficult child had told me about what had happened at S.'s home, but I didn't connect that incident to "The Fight" until difficult child reminded me.

    S. has an older brother that is a difficult child, and a fight between the older brother and the mom did land the 15 yr old difficult child in jail. S. did step in to protect his younger brother.

    As difficult child said, "I rearranged and added some stuff." lol

    Yes, doesn't every boy have a 45 handy -- it's just right there on the stereo.....

    I believe the private language therapy (2x week, 9 months), language therapy at school (1 year, daily 45 min, last year), and language therapy at school (1x week, 45 min this year) are paying off.

    I'll still be expecting CPS next week. lol
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    Well, if CPA comes to your house, they'll be at mine shortly.

    difficult child likes to write graphic stories as well - though his are mostly about army stuff. I usually urge him to "tone it down" since it's for school.

    Shelia, he certainly has come a long, long way.