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    I just got the call- they got me in for this session of the staffing meeting (whatever that means) to see if difficult child can go to Residential Treatment Center (RTC). The meeting is Tuesday!! Even if they don't determine that he goes to Residential Treatment Center (RTC), this should lead to several good things- more people will know that PO did NOTHING and I have a feeling she is going to start feeling some pressure soon, and it should lead to other types of help if they don't go with Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    My therapist reminded me yesterday that many Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s will not be willing to take difficult child because of his previous arson conviction.
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    I just posted on your other thread. :)

    THAT IS WONDERFUL!!!! I am so glad they were able to get you in. It's about time the ball really starts rolling for you. You have done a great job mom!!! I am going to hire you to advocate for my difficult child!!! LOL

    Keep us posted. :)
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    What should I do about this stuff I submitted to the judge? She might have even responded already....maybe I better touch base with the clerk today.
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    You go, girl!
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    I wouldn't do anything about the judge yet. If a hearing is granted, chances are it wont' be before the meeting Tuesday. If things go well, you can withdraw your request later with the court. I would just keep that option open for now, just in case. No one can faul tyou for trying every possible avenue to help your son.

    I hope all goes well with the meeting! Are you going to give them the copy of your letter as well? I think it'd be a good idea.
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    I agree with Crazy, leave everything as it is now. You need everything possible in your corner. Like Crazy said, you can always go back and withdraw the request.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks, all! Now, if PO is there but no one else from Department of Juvenile Justice, and she wants difficult child turned over to state instead of going to Residential Treatment Center (RTC), or staying home with us getting help, I'm not sure what to do. A social worker told me that they would turn difficult child over to state in that situation. PO has already told me that there is no way the county is going to pay for difficult child to get more help than what I'm providing him. I swear, I can't come to terms with people letting her make the choice about difficult child's placement- wouldn't that require a hearing for the judge to decide? Unless we are all in agreement and PO just takes somethhing to judge to get it signed off?
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    When my daughter went into the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) via the court/DSS, she was "turned over to the state". It is not as drastic as it sounds. I can only speak for NY though. I still had custody over her and had the right to make decisions regarding her medications and treatment. I was given a DSS case manager who I would contact only if there were any problems. She followed up with the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) every so often. I was still the MOM and did all of the advocating for my duaghter. I was also reluctant in the beginning as I though I would lose my parental rights. That wasn't the case at all. I just didn't have the right to take my daughter out of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) without permission from the court. I had to make sure she followed through with whatever services were in place for her. I also ended up being sued for child support which I owe to this day!!!

    I went both routes, the SD and the court/DSS and truthfully I had a much better experience with the court and DSS. In my case my daughter needed to be forced into treatment as she would just refuse to do anything. The SD's placement was voluntary so she went awol left and right. Once she was placed through the court system she knew if she ran she would get locked up, so she stayed.

    Just thought I would share my experience. I think I posted more about this on your other thread "absurd".

    Good luck. :)
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    If they go that route it's one thing- my son has a suspended sentence though to be turned over to state Department of Juvenile Justice to be put in state juvy- that's what I meant. I don't want him going in there.
  10. Yahoo!!!!!!!
  11. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    Sending good vibes that SOMETHING gets done to help out difficult child!!! YAY on the meeting!
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    I got another call about this from another lady at that office. She said she would call and invite the PO. I guess it's just too bad if it's too short notice and she can't make it. I asked if the determination was made that difficult child can't go to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or wasn't recommended at this time, could they refer fapt for in home assistance. She said it could be done thru this. I told them that I can't ccount on PO to do it. She said we'd take care of that at this meeting. Hmmm.

    She told me to brinig all documentation pertaining to difficult child's needs, psychiatric hospital visits, etc. They also told me I could bring someone with me. I asked if I needed to bring an attny and she said no, unless I just wanted to but most people don't. I told her I couldn't afford to bring therapist or psychiatrist. There are no advocates around that know about BiPolar (BP) issues. (It would be nice if I could take that ladyfrom intake!)

    Anyway- for anyone here who has been thru this- who did you take, if anyone? The funding coordinator, whho will also be there, was in that meeting with principal last week. She is the lady that told me how to get this stuff going in the first place so she's already familiar with things and has heard from principal about the school's point of view.
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    FINALLY!! I am soo happy and encouraged for you. Hugs, ML
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    Keeping fingers crossed that this meeting is productive, and difficult child can get the help he needs.
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    Thank you, Ladies! I wonder now if I was forwarded that contact name and number because I had put that request in 2 weeks ago to the judge. In Dec., when I spoke with the funding coordinator, she told me the processes, and as you know, I hit a road block on all except the PO and the PO refused to do anything. When I got the response back from the judge 2 weeks ago, it said to call the funding coordinator. Then, this past week, the funding coordinator forwarded me the contact name and number thru the principal. Maybe it was the principal who went to bat for me, but then wouldn't that sd team have recommended the county team?

    Anyway, I'm going to take some stuff regarding difficult child at school. I'm hoping I can get some other people in the county to see that a lot of things could have been prevented if the sd had accommodated difficult child more. They went to batt for him last spring, but from the beginning of difficult child'ness, 3 years ago, there have been several occassions where the school should have done more and it was blatantly obvious and yet, they did nothing. Then, difficult child ended up in a major crisis. I can't find an advocate- PEATC says there are no advocates with BiPolar (BP) experience in my area. They know I can't afford to take an attny and that isn't advised around here.

    As it is, I don't want to ruin the good relationship that difficult child and I have with the teachers and staff aand principal, however, I KNOW they should be doing more to accommodate him and when I bring anything up, they just say they don't do that or they don't think he needs it or they can't offer that because it has nothing to do with academics.
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    Sorry I'm late to this. I will be continue to pray and cross all body parts. I truly hope this meeting will set things into quick action so you can get the help that your difficult child deserves. You are such a great advocate for your difficult child!