Meeting with psychiatric next week. IEP/504/BIP?

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Ry is having a rough time the last month - ever since we upped his Ritalin in the am. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) has definitely increased and we're having more instances of what we were told was Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED).

I'm ready to pull my hair out with one specific teacher. Ry has her for homeroom and reading in the mornings and again for science & social studies in the afternoon. NOTHING he does makes this woman happy. I've spoken with her until I'm blue in the face to no avail.

His doctor wrote a letter for 504 accomodations at our last meeting but my understanding is that the way she worded the letter it only covers accomodations for when his (academic) grades are slipping. There are no accomdations to be made for behavior. In 3 weeks I'll wind up with a kid with straight A's in academics but who won't make the honor roll because of conduct grades. His math and English teacher are making behavioral accomodations at my request without anything official from Ry's doctor.

I spoke with Ry's principal yesterday and she said she would speak with all 3 of Ry's teachers about the behavioral accomodations that need to be put in place - specifically a "safe spot" for when he has anxiety/panic attacks like he had this past Monday as he wound up in trouble for hiding in the bathroom for 10 minutes after answering a question incorrectly.

We have an appointment scheduled with Ry's psychiatrist for the afternoon of 3/8. Is there anything specific I should be asking for? I really think if it wasn't for this one PITA teacher we'd be having an OK school year but she is really ruining this for him.


504's are rarely successful. There are several reasons for this in my opinion: the student isn't evaluated by the sd as thoroughly as the student should be, 504s are usually written very, very vaguely (leaving implementation of accommodations to the discretion of each educator), and because parents have little control. 504s are difficult to enforce, even if they are written appropriately.

Your child likely needs an IEP (Individual Education Program). There's a Getting Started thread in the Sp Ed Archives that will help you get a general overview.

I strongly recommend that you parent refer for an evaluation under IDEA/IEP regs. is a sample letter if you need it. You can edit out the Parent Report info and submit it to the sd later if you wish.

It's VERY important to send the letter via Certified Mail. There are timelines involved and the CM kicks them in.

If for some reason your child doesn't qualify for an IEP, the same evaluation data can be utilized for 504 purposes.

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