Melatonin saved us


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My difficult child was not sleeping, I don't know how he even made it through the day, he was getting no more that 5hrs of sleep a night for days on end. He is on Concerta so we knew this was the reason why, but we can't take him off because he just can't cope.
Our pediatrician, told us about Melatonin, she explained that they don't know the long term effects, so we were a little leary, but thought we would try it. WOW!! He has been sleeping with no problem, our mornings are so much better, he wakes up refreshed and happy.
His whole day is just better than it ever was, I'm really happy with the change.


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I'm glad you've had sucess with Melatonin. My difficult children dr also recommended it but I have yet to try it. He used to take risperdal at night and it didn't help at all. I haven't started the melatonin yet bc I was hoping that with it being summer time that he would get more exercise and maybe be tired enough to get himself on a regular sleep schedule. It hasn't worked so we will be trying melatonin now. Good Luck and I hope it continues to work.