Menopause is Killing Me

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  1. Mrs.McNear51

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    Hi all-

    Wanted to see if I could get some first hand advice as to what natural supplements, or any treatment other than HRT, will at least, subdue some of these awful symptoms.

    It's been 4 years since I had a monthly visitor. The first 3 years weren't so bad, but geez now, I'm ready to jump off a ledge.

    My thinking has gone to sh*t, feels like my brain is scrambled. I cannot go to sleep, but when I do, I'm awake every hour or more. Blankets on, blankets off. Trips to the bathroom to towel off my soaked head. I've changed my name to Willow, as in, weeping, all of the time. Not to mention, my energy level is nil.

    I take 200 mg of trazodone at bedtime, an over 50 multi vitamin, and pravastatin in the morning. I keep a fan blowing full blast on me at night and try to get in a 30 min walk most afternoons.

    Please ladies, if you can give me any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it. I'm just about to lose it.


  2. witzend

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    I am unable to take hormone replacements because of a history of pulmonary embolism. I finally talked to my doctor about getting some sort of relief, and he prescribed two medications for me, which I use twice a week.

    One is Vagifem 10 mcg. It is a small tablet about the size of a BC pill. Each one comes sealed with it's own applicator, and you insert it twice a week at bedtime.

    The other is Premarin cream, which I rub on externally at bedtime, using a dab about the size of a pea. Some doctors will want you to insert a big gob of it but that is a mess.

    It hasn't totally eliminated my symptoms but it does help. They are hormones, but they don't get into your bloodstream.
  3. recoveringenabler

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    There is a women's clinic called Women to Women who have excellent supplements you can order on line from their website, and they also have great articles you can read to learn more information. They specialize in menopause, you can not only buy their supplements, which I used and they helped, but you can call and speak to someone in the know on the phone for 20 minute phone appointments for a very reasonable cost. Acupuncture helps, try to increase your daily aerobic activity to an hour and yoga helps too. Avoid alcohol and sugar, those two have an enormous impact on the hot flashes. Limit your white carbs too.

    Fortunately it does have an end to it. May the Force be with you!
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    Well....I don't know if this will help of not, but I'll try.
    I usually have terrible reactions to hormonal changes, but I had absolutely no signs of menopause except I'd get hotter than I should (and it wasn't a hot flash, just generally was warmer than I used to be). Oh, and my period stopped. This is what I was told about why I had it so easy.
    I'm on Paroxatene and SSRIs are known for helping menopause symptoms. I've been on this medication for years before I went into menopause but I really, really believe it helped A LOT. On top of that, I exercise four/five times a week (work out pretty hard too), which I also was told and believe helps a lot...and I try to eat healthy. I think the biggest helpers are the first two though. I literally do not know what a hot flash is, and, even though I have a serious mood disorder, I did not get crabby or moody and I did not have that brain fog people talk about.
  5. Hound dog

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    The best discovery I made was keeping my feet uncovered at night. It evened out the body temp and helped keep the hot sweats away. In warm months I did it and had the fan blowing on them.

    That was the worst part for me, the internal furnace from hades at night. Not sleeping for days on end took it's toll quickly. So when I discovered this trick it was a God send. :)

    My trip through menopause was relatively short compared to most lasting a year. I thank my lucky stars each and every day. If it had lasted longer I think someone might have died. LOL

  6. svengandhi

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    I had my last period this past February. In late April - early May, the hot flashes started. Given that I'm in the middle of an RA flare and taking Prednisone and Methotrexate at the time, the flashes didn't help a bit. I have gone to an acupuncturist twice since late May. It's hard to tell if it's helping but I do feel a little better. She also recommended tart cherry juice, which I put into my diet iced tea or my smoothies, about a teaspoon at a time. Other things she suggested were giving up caffeine, which has been hard for me, giving up dairy, which I am also trying to do, giving up red meat, which I eat very rarely since I had my lapband put in. She also suggested black cohosh, which I haven't tried. I bought a special tea called Adirondack Woman Mountain Tea when I visited daughter but haven't used it yet. I am trying to walk every day as well. I saw a blurb for a new medicine for menopause today and I'm going to watch the news to see if they show the story. I don't want to do HRT and AD's make me gain weight, which will cause depression. She also suggested I give up sugar and artificial sweetener and use Stevia.

    I get hot and it lasts for a minute or so. At night, I've been sleeping with a ceiling fan and an AC unit. I haven't gotten night sweats but if I do, I might buy an MS vest.
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    Try a 1/3 of a cup of ground Flax seed a day. There has been all kinds of studies both for and against. It worked for me. And it has so many other benefits, high in fiber, lowers your cholesterol and its very inexpensive. let me know how it goes ... much love
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    I have no idea if I am in menopause because I had a hysterectomy in 04. I get hot flashes but I cant tell about mood swings because I am I have asked to get my hormone levels checked but they havent done it in about 2 years or so.

    The reason I had the hyster was because I was having really bad periods that lasted for weeks and weeks. Ended up I had several huge fibroid cysts.