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    just finished reading dr. ron federici's book on attachment therapy...the guy from the recent dateline segment. interesting book. but anyway he had some definitions in there i thought some might find helpful.

    Pediatrician/Family Practice Physician /~~ a pediatrician or family practice physician is a medical doctor who specializes in childhood & adolescent developmental disorders, and typically treats routine conditions. this doctor is often referred to as the primary care physician who will be responsible for ordering additional laboratory studies, diagnostic procedures and coordinate referrals to other specialists.

    Pyschiatrist ~~ a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the evaluation of major psychiatric & emotional disorder which may require medication. Psychatrists complete medical school & post~graduate training in psychiatric disorders, along with-subspecialties in child & adolescent psychiatry. the primary focus in psychiatry is in medication consultation & management, with only a few psychaitrists actually having formal training in psychotherapy, counseling or other interventions to address childhood behavioral & emothional disorders. may psychiatrists work with-or refer to specialists in child & family evaluation & therapy.

    Clinical Psychologist ~~ a clinical psychologist is a doctor with-a Ph.D. or a Psy.D. in psychology. the clinical psychologist has usually completed courses in general development, psychological testing & measurement, as well as psychotherapy counseling & techniques. many clinical psychologists develop a subsepecialty in child & adolescent development, psychological testing, and family therapy.

    Clinical Neuropsychologist ~~ a clinical neuropsychologist has undergraduate & graduate level training in biologica & medical theories pertaining to human behavior. neuropsychologists complete graduate (doctoral) studies in clinical neuropsychology with-post~graduate specialty training (fellowship & board certifications) in the assessment & treatment of adult & child neurodevelopmental disorders, neurological & medical conditions, traumatic brain injury, learning & memory disorder, with-the most important role being an expert in differential diagnosis of organic (brain~related) conditions versus psychiatric/psychological disorders. often, neuropsychologists assesses true "neuropsychiatric conditions" in which both the brain & emotions are involved producing a complex array of symptoms. the CN often coordinates care with-other allied medical, neurological and mental health professionals in order to coordinate the most appropriate cognitive (brain) rehabilitation program, psychiatric care and psychological therapies.

    Occupational & Physical Therapist ~~ these allied medical specialist evalutae motor, sensory~perceptual & sensory~intergration skills, as well as gait and balance. most of these therapists are available at major hospitals.

    Clinical Social Worker ~~ clinical social workers complete a master's degree in social work which emphasizes the structure of family & the child's interactional strengths & weaknesses. SW's typically focus on social, educational, & family adjustment issues, but do not hae formal training psychological testing. may SW's complete additonal training & licensure to be able to offer counsleing to individuals & families.

    Marriage & Family Therapist ~~ marriage & family therapists have a master's degree in counseling techniques that mainly focus on relationships, families, and couple problems. family therapists focus on communication building & structure & boundries with-in the family.

    Licensed Professional Counselor ~~ a licensed professional counselor often has graduate training in a specialty such as education, psycholoy, pasoral counseling or marriage & family therapy. LPC focus on brief problem~solving techniques with-an emphasis on reorgainizing the family, building communication skills, and strengthening family relationships.

    Pastoral Counselor ~~ a pastoral counselor has at least a master's degree, while many have completed doctoral work. pastoral counselors focus on supportive interventions for individuals & families, with-an emphasis on spirituality as an additional source of support.

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    Good info. Can you consider archiving it?
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    was actually thinking the same thing.

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