Microsoft Excel question


I am determined to muddle thru a Microsoft Excel formatting question to prove to myself that you can teach an old dawg new tricks.

Anyone hanging about who is proficient with Microsoft Excel?

I am using an Excel sheet at work with multiple pages, to log data. It was set up for me by someone else and all I need to do is enter the info.

Along the way, I have learned some of the basics about formatting, but my tech knowledge is quite limited.

Is it possible to make changes in the formatting, such as with the rows and columns - width, height, number of - but to preserve that data which has been already entered as it is?

When I started with this log, certain information was being entered. Midstream additional information was requested to be added from that point forward, which meant a change in format.

The only way I knew how to accomplish this was to save one worksheet and begin anew with the revised format. Is there a way to combine them?


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If you go to the top and click on "Format", you can change the width of your columns and/or the row height. With Excel though, you can still only put ONE line of copy in each space, no matter how how high you make the row. And if you go to "Insert" you can add rows or columns. This will NOT change the data you already have entered. You can also copy a page by clicking on the little tab at the bottom of the page - looks like the little tab on a file folder. You can create a copy of a page or move a page and it will ask you where you want it (at the end, after page one, etc.)

I'm kind of doing this by "remote" - I have Excel at work but something a little different at home. But it's pretty much the same. The way I learned was just by playing with it and experimenting.


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If you're just changing the width/height you can do that by clicking on Format then row or column and change it. If you want to adjust width/height on a specific row or column, click on that row/column header and find where it says column width and adjust it. If you want the entire spreadsheet to fit to the cells in each column click on the furthest column/row header which is usually to the left of A and above 1 and it will highlight the entire sheet then move your mouse over to a line between columns and you'll see a two lines crossed, double click, it will auto adjust the columns, then do the same thing to the rows.

I just checked on one of my spreadsheets that has figures in it and I added a column and it adjusted the figures to the new column name itself. I clicked on the column heading and it highlighted the entire column and then I highlighted "insert" and it inserted a new column.


<span style='font-family: Courier New'> Thanks everyone,

I think pooling our knowledge is going to work out really well for me; I appreciate the input.</span>


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Okay.....then I LOVE working in Excel, but I need to know HOW:

I have a set number of columns say (A - J) and these are 8.5 wide from row 1 - 12. Got the grid in your mind? Okay.

NOW.....HOW do you make row 13-20 have say 4-5 columns but maybe 12.0 wide without disturbing the columns (A-J)?

I can't find anyone to teach me this.



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Highlight the row or the column then click on "Format". Choose "Row" or "Column" and click "autofit".

If you just want the rows tall enough to fit the type but not too wide for the page, click "format", "cells", "alignment", and check the "wrap text" box.

If you are worried about changing it and losing data you already have, click save it under a new name.

The formula parts are a bit confusing at first, but if you go through the steps, you'll get it.

Hope this helps. If you need more, PM me.


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Star, I know Excel. I am not sure if I understood completely, but I suspect that rows 13-20 were a cut/paste from another file, in other words - a picture.