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    I've been working on reducing my belly. I have always carried my weight in the wasit, it's a hereditary thing, both my parents did as well. Well compounding the middle aged, post menopausal condition and well let's just say that it's pretty bad. I did the hip to waist ratio thing and it basically showed I was obese and I'm 5 1' and weigh 122 pounds. Overweight, sure, but obese? Partly that is because I have small hips and my ostepenia isn't going to add much by the way of strong bones. I have 36" hips and 31.5 waist. I figure I'll have to get down to 100 or 105 to not be obese. I hate being short!

    Wish me luck. I've been doing the healthy eating for a few weeks and it's coming off slowly. But that's ok because I'm trying to build muscle at the same time so it's not so much about the number on the scale in my case.
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    ML, sometimes the numbers DO lie. (See my post from a few weeks ago, My Doctor is Full of Hooey!)

    Although your waist-to-hip ratio is outside of the preferred range, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're obese. I think that a lot of those measurements are based on averages and do not take into account individual differences. I read somewhere recently that the BMI was originally developed to track large population samples, so applying it to individuals will give skewed results. I wonder if the same is true with the Waist-to-hip thing.

    Like you, I am slim-hipped, short-statured, and tend to carry weight around my middle. And I have been working hard to eat healthfully and work out in order to reconfigure my shape. I've been following a low-ish carb, low fat diet, and I've been running. And it's been working very well.

    Whatever you're doing, do for your health, not because the numbers tell you you're supposed to. I know you can do it!

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    Thanks ladies!
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    Hi ML!

    I think we are so much more aware of carrying extra around the middle because of the connection between stroke and heart disease. I know that docs are now saying that science has now discovered that a high layer of ab fat actually acts like an independent organ sending toxins to other parts of the body. I was disgusted when I read that and it's one of the big reasons I started the GI program. I could tell a huge difference in only the first week because of the cleansing effects of eliminating processed foods (insofar as ab bloating).

    I was also told that all the ab exercise in the world will never do what a healthy diet can do to remove ab excess! So you are definitely on the right track. And, you are soooooo not obese!

    Keep up the good healthy work!

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    I totally agree with what the others have said. You're doing great!!!:D SFR