Midwest mom - how did it go?


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Please check in so we know how your MRI went. I think you said they were going to review results today as well.

Fingers crossed all went well.


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Hi, Wend! Thanks for asking. It was normal! I was so drunk on tranks that it didn't sink in until I got home and slept for a few hours :smile: The Neurologist and neuropsychologist both did a consult for me to try figuring out why I have trouble multi-tasking, working when there is even whispering in the background, etc. The consensus, to the best of their ability, is that I don't have Aspergers (none of the NeuroPsychs I've seen think I have it because I don't have a flat affect and come off as very friendly, get jokes, and not very literal, etc.) Mostly what they come up with is a very severe NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD). I have a verbal IQ of 120+ and a performance level IQ of 85. In one of my performance tests I scored in the 2%, meaning that out of 100 people my age with my education and skills, I did better than two of them :smile: They both told me that this sort of extreme NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) can definitely affect work related issues. My hub was there to give feedback on the problems I've had throughout my life, including social issues, but those are also common with NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD). I should still be able to collect Disability, no problem, especially since I also have co-morbid diagnosis. of bipolar II, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Panic Disorder and mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Truthfully, I don't feel the bipolar has squat to do with the work related issues. I think it's completely the neuro garbage. At any rate, my worst fears were put to rest. My Mom had a brain tumor ay 68, which was "successfully" removed. Eight years later, at 75, she had brain cancer. Although we were told they were not related, I can't help wondering if the brain tumor parts that couldn't be removed had turned cancerous. Since then, although we were all told this isn't hereditary, all three of us kid around (with black humor) that every headache is a brain tumor, so I'm relieved that nothing was there. Well, I assume the brain was there, but they just said "Nothing is there." Hmmmmmmmmmm :smile: Thanks for asking.


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Good, I'm glad it went well. The gap between verbal and performance is very interesting, though and clear marker for some sort of learning disorder.

It would be difficult to rule out Asperger's at your age because too many of the typical hallmarks you would have adapted out of existence by now, if you're sufficiently high-functioning. I look at my husband - he's not got the flat affect, although he has the same speech oddity and need to repeat things as difficult child 3 (and, to a smaller extent, easy child 2/difficult child 2). husband makes good eye contact with me, and a lot of other people. husband is good with jokes although he tells them so deadpan that people don't always realise he's joking. And difficult child 3 is VERY social, he loves being around other people. And he's getting very fast with his quips and wisecracks (mostly at difficult child 1's expense). difficult child 3 reads MAD magazine constantly, and keeps asking me to explain the humour. As he learns and understands it, he is practising it and getting quite good. difficult child 1 used to be the same, but can now hold his own in a punning or quip competition, probably due to he phenomenal recall of everything he's heard or read. However, difficult child 1 cannot multitask either. He can't hold more than one thought or idea in his head at a time. difficult child 3 can. He's always been able to multitask (and announces this proudly). Last week he was watching TV while doing his schoolwork and when I chided him, he said, "C'mon, Mum, haven't you heard of multitasking?" (I just waited until the program was finished and asked him how much work he had got done, compared to when he ISN'T watching TV).



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I truly don't think I fit Aspergers. Most Aspies I know tend to be techie type geeks with literal thinking, and I don't have that. The discrepency between an IQ over 120 verbal and 85 performance is enough to cause serious problems, TRUST ME...lol. I do have sensory issues. I can't talk to somebody if the television is on--I need it to be quiet. I've been this way all my life, by the way. I often wonder if my "bipolar" isn't part of a hodgepodge of neurological stuff that causes mood swings. I do have every symptom in the world of a NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD)!!! Hey, thanks for commenting :smile: