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Wondering how you are doing? Is your eldest in China okay? Hope you are holding your own. Thinking of you my friend.



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He may be in reading mode. I've noticed him being onsite a couple of times when I've visited but no posts by him. (Love this site, right now it is my break site in between packing!)


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Just 'cause you're not posting doesn't mean that we are praying less for your family, Mikey. Fingers crossed that Sarge is AOK
and that you and wife are hanging in there. DDD


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Thinking of you Mikey. Don't get scared off. You've got alot to offer and it's good to get different opinions. What works for some doesn't work for others.
I've seen Mikey lurking, and have been keeping him, Sarge, and Junior Jointmaster in my prayers.

Ya hear that Mikey? You guys are in my prayers! But it looks like you better hurry up and post soon, we are close to an estrogen overload.


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PG - little of both, but nothing spectacular. Kind of like missing a soap opera for two weeks, only to find that little has changed when you start watching it again...