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    I can honestly say that I rarely complain about our healthcare system. I don't complain because it is basically free and reasonably accessible. On the other hand it is a maze that has to be navigated. Take the normal beuracracy of healthcare and insurance and then triple it due to government management and that is my norm.

    Anyway we have a lovely system where we can email our doctors for medication refills. So I recently sent in an email knowing I was going to be out of medications soon. I got a reply that they would fill one of my medications but the other they weren't filling because I had been referred for treatment. None of which makes sense because they filled my depression medications but refused to fill my insomnia medication. The referral I received was for mental health IE: the depression medications. I have never been given a referral for any kind of insomnia therapy other than to see a behavioral therapist who gave me pamphlets and sent me home. This therapist was in their office and therefore his notes are there for them to see.

    I have been seeing these Doctors for 6 months requesting help with my depression medications and insomnia and every time have been referred to some sort of therapist who doesn't have the ability to write prescriptions. Now I have been told by the therapist they can put me in for a psychiatric evaluation in order to get medications but the wait for the appointment is over a month and even then I will still have to wait to see the psychologist. Even though my original referral was for a psychiatrist I have to get through the therapy groups psychologist to see him.

    Notice the circles I am being run around in! ARGH!! Now I have to wait at least a month and half to get in to get a psychiatric evaluation and go without medication until then. I think I am going to file a complaint and change doctors at the same time. It is sad to say but I can change to a civilian provider and get much better care.
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    That's just shameful that our active military and their families have to maneuver a system that works against their wellbeing. :(
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    Spent two hours on hold to try and change my Dr so I could go elsewhere only to be told I can't do it over the phone or online I have to go to my Dr to get it done. Jeesh what makes me think going to the Dr you don't care for in order to get a Dr you do care for is going to be easy!

    I mean I am only changing Dr's because she doesn't want to be bothered with me I am sure the paperwork will go through in a matter of seconds. LOL NOT I will be waiting until I am gray for that change!!!
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    It really shouldn't be this hard....sorry you are going through this
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    I remember Tricare. Is there anyway at all you can go out of network just for a month? Arent you visiting a relative out of town? Wink.
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    Lol. Too funny Janet.

    Actually I may wind up going to the er. We don't have an urgent care for the weekends here and i start a new job Monday. I am not going to start missing work due to the dr being a pain.

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