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    Miss KT is taking two online classes this summer...American Government and Old Testament. She just got the instructions for the Old Testament class. Her first assignment is to read the Book of Genesis.

    The instructor's welcoming letter left something to be desired, however. "The class will consist of reading, responding to weekly questions, and engaging in conversation with myself and others..." So, she'll need to talk to herself? Aren't others required in order to have a conversation? Just struck me as funny the way it was worded.

    And now she's discovered that she needs a particular translation (NIV) that she does not have, and is searching for a Bible app for her iPhone. Failing that, she's going to call our pastor friend and borrow one for the summer.
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    NIV is pretty easy to find - and also not terribly expensive.

    Cool thing about the Bible - violence, sex, blood and gore. It's great...
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    My daughter has taken several online courses and loved them and done very well.

    The way the discussions work is usually like this - each student is required to post a question relevant to the topic and is also required to respond to a set number of questions posted by other students. For instance, my daughter took a public health class. For each unit (STD's, drug abuse, domestic violence, whatever), each student had to post an observation and a question - which could not repeat another student's so it was in your best interest to post early. For DV, for instance, a question could be "In my family, I was exposed to domestic violence, Our neighbors must have heard the screaming and objects being thrown, but nobody ever called the police. If you heard arguments like that, what would you do?" then other students would have to respond and the OP would have to reply to their comments. You are graded on how your question fits the topic, what type of responses it elicits and how you as the OP guide the discussion and reply to the responses.

    As I said, my daughter loved her classes. She's taken the health course (required for Education, nursing and counseling majors so she was exposed to point of view's from different majors), a US History course and a bird science lab on line.

    The major thing is not to let the work slide to the last minute and to make sure that her computer is in perfect order. There are very strict deadlines for submitting the work. daughter took courses at 3 different schools on line and they were all strict.

    Can't help you with the New Testament because I'm Jewish but my daughter got the books and videos for her bird course from our public library on inter-library loan (saved us several hundred dollars). Maybe you can get a Bible that way?
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    Well now. I have to say that Old Testament one has peeked my interest.

    Will she be studying it as a religion course or what?

    The Old Testament was always my favorite............Like Step said, plenty of violence, sex, and gore........always something to keep you interested. New Testament not so much. (in comparison)
  5. KTMom91

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    Her Occupational Therapist (OT) textbook weighs about a ton...that's not counting the Bible. Since she's going to a Christian college, I believe it's a required religion course. One of the high schools here teaches The Bible as Literature, and I have to admit that sounded interesting to me. We did manage to find a Bible in the appropriate translation, so she's sitting on her bed reading Genesis. I think.

    Her American Government teacher just sent out the syllabus, complete with list of assignments, at 4:42 am. The class started yesterday, and Miss KT just ordered the book, since she was finally told what book she needed to buy.
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    KTMom91, Biblegateway.com includes the new 2011 version of the NIV. Of couse, it's also available in print, but Biblegateway is free!

    Hope she enjoys the class.