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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Nov 21, 2008.

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    meeting for wm. Another staffing or annual review or IEP. I'm not even sure what the mtg was for ~ all I know is that I rec'd a phone call yesterday afternoon from SW wondering where I was.

    To be honest, the phone call woke me from a dead sleep. I looked at my calendar & had the mtg noted for next Wednesday (oops). I think in my mind I knew there was a mtg but I double checked my calendar.

    So this is the 4th mtg in a row for wm that I've missed ~ all due to health issues. I've asked the team to schedule mtgs for Tuesdays not Thursdays. Tuesday is generally a good day for me ~ by Thursday, the methotextrate hits me & I tend to sleep for the next 3 or 4 days with little awareness of what is going on around me. (I expect I'll be back sleeping shortly).

    Wish I could get this through to wm's team. It's not looking very good that neither of wm's parents are showing up (husband hasn't a clue & hasn't educated himself on the treatment plans; I no longer remember the treatment plans. Our mental health CM has put together this year's reports & the plan in a binder for me to keep up.)

    I'm done - thanks for listening. I need a better plan in setting up these staffings (I wish we could get them down to one quarterly staffing instead of 3 or 4.)
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    I'm sorry that is so frustrating, it truly is. Yet i'm sure they understand the situation, and your health issues. It sounds like a good plan to see if mtgs can be scheduled on tuesdays when you are at your best. Don't beat yourself up too badly on this, you have to take care of you as well.

    How are you feeling as of late??
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    Does WM know that you are missing them? Can they be more flexible? Does husband go? Can he?
    Did the meeting go OK. Can it be done by phone conference you in?

    Sorry the health and medications are taking a toll this way.
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    (((HUGS)))so sorry. Hope you find a solution so you don't miss any more