Mom secretly records mean teacher

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by tinamarie1, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. tinamarie1

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    Have you guys seen this video?

    I am thinking this may not be a bad idea. I never heard them say that what the mom did was illegal. difficult child has one heck of a nasty teacher who I have a gut feeling loves to degrade him and embarrass him in class. Every time she is confronted about it, she acts all sweet and humble and gives some back story to what she REALLY meant.
    tell me what yall think.
  2. tiredmommy

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    I think I would only consider resorting to something like this if all other avenues had been exhausted and the behavior described at school didn't match up with what I think is likely. It's also important to note that while every teacher may have the occasional bad day, the vast majority never behave the way the teacher in this audio behaved.
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    As to whether it is legal, each state has it's own laws about this. Some require all parties know, some require only 1 party knows.

    If you think there is more going on than this teacher is telling you, follow your instincts.

    Mommy Instincts are there for a reason, and when they are telling us things like this, they are usually doing it for a reason!


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    If you record, and legally you shouldn't have, it becomes like the vicar playing golf on a Sunday and getting a hole in one - who on earth is he going to be able to share this with?

    I admit I have recorded a meeting without the knowledge or consent of others involved - I was nervous about asking because I expected a 'no' and I also wanted to get a true picture of what was really said, with the other parties confident that they could speak more freely.
    Because I did not have permission, I knew I would be unable to use the recording for any purpose other than to verify what was said, for my own notes. I had taken my own minutes anyway. As the meeting was primarily me stating my case, I WAS able to use the recording to verify what I had said, and ensure that I had covered every point in my pre-prepared notes (a copy of which I handed over to the others in the meeting).

    It is important to check the legality of this before you do it. There can be all sorts of legal ramifications, not the least of which is recording when other kids are in the frame; this could be seen as ignoring the welfare and privacy of the other kids.

    It depends on so many things - the regulations, your aim, your methods.

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    The legality of recording conversations varies by locality. In Tennessee, it is legal to record a conversation as long as ONE of the parties is aware that the conversation is being recorded. You COULD record a conversation between you and your neighbor talking in the driveway. You COULD NOT record a conversation between your neighbor and his wife as they sat in their living room watching TV.

    In this case, the mom and little girl were on "Good Morning America" yesterday. This was a group of four-year-olds! And the teacher kept berating them, saying over and over again, "You're STUPID kids!"
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    How horrifying.

    Just imagine what schools could learn if they send home recording devices in a kid's backpack. Yikes!
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    i personally think they should have video cameras in the class rooms..wouldn't that solve alot of problems on both ends (teacher and student)? and make it where its viewable online for parents.