monitoring computer/internet use

Just wondering if anyone has had good luck with a specific software program for monitoring sites that kids visit, their passwords and keystrokes, etc.

I am especially looking for one with a TIMER that can be set for each user.

Looking at this one, which seems to have the features I want:

Any advice? Been using Actual Keylogger for a while, it's free and works good, but only for that ... really finding myself in need of a timer that just works, instead of "reminding" them over and over that their time is UP! LOL


New Member offers a free 30 day trial, and it does provide time limits. It does not provide keystroke history (Drat!) I think I paid $28.00 for a full year. It shows Instant Messaging text and websites visited.


I'd love to hear peoples experiences. Asking for their passwords doesn't feel great. On the other hand, my difficult child seems to get really frustrated when he's IM'ing. Sometimes I REALLY don't like technology!