Moodiness in College Age difficult children


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Moodiness is certainly not as intense as some of the other issues we deal with here, but it's something that's bothering me.

My difficult child has made tremendous strides-graduated high school, in community college, works part-time, takes care of her expenses-so I'm appreciative. She can live at home as long as she's in school and obeys the house rules. But sometimes she can be so hard to live with.

She gets bored very easily and has a tendency to whine and complain. She can't entertain herself and won't follow any suggestions so I usually just say something like I hope the rest of your day goes better. Then she'll accuse me of not caring.

If I inquire innocently about how her classes are going, she'll tell me she has everything under control and that I don't have to check up on her.

Other times, she'll come into my room and give me a full-blown account of her day and tell me how much she loves me. Occasionally, she can really become rude, but not the old meltdowns that she used to have.

At one time she took a mood stabilizer but won't consider anything now. I'm still in touch with her old therapist who says that the sensitivity will probably continue.

Living with this moodiness can be so annoying sometimes. I mean, what do these difficult children expect? For everything to just fall into place for them. Nevermind what they have done to our lives.

Just writing this post has helped clear something up for me. I think I'm so annoyed because I want her to be grateful. She'll never know what it took to get her to where she is right now.

But at least you guys know.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I think I'm so annoyed because I want her to be grateful. She'll never know what it took to get her to where she is right now. </div></div>

It may be that difficult child hasn't gained a level of independence yet that causes her to appreciate all the work it has taken for her to get to this point.


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I hear you and can understand your pain. it is hard to knwo when to ask and when to sit back. ant can be very very moody. usually I tell him I am here if he needs me and rarely ask him what is up.


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I think it's a girl thing. I experience the same moodiness with my easy child 17 year old daughter. She is a great responsible kid, not a difficult child bone in her body, but somedays I can't even have a conversation with her without getting my head bit off over absoluteley nothing. I can most of the time walk away from it and chalk it up to her being a typical teenage girl, but it drives my husband up a wall. Mind you he was raised with 3 brothers, so he never experienced this growing up from sisters.

If anyone figures this out, clue us in.