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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Dec 18, 2009.

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    I guess now our state has decided to close more mental health treatment facilities, cut funding to crisis centers, lay off hundreds more state employees- including police and first responders, and cut back on Department of Juvenile Justice resources. I can't imagine the impact of this- more requirements on parents to turn their homes into Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s? Oh- they rejected the idea of mental health courts but are going for more drug courts- wanna know why? They don't have the money to keep everyone they have arrested locked up so they decided to "let" some drug offenders go the treatment route in the community because it's cheaper for them. They are bucking the idea of raising taxes as we are set to start with a new governor in Jan. But, the keep making more and more committees and panels to study what is needed- year after year- then whenever the committees come back and recommend something, they make another committee to study that and the impact of it. I'll learn to quit reading the news one of these days.

    Sure is a good thing that Department of Juvenile Justice decided my son is a easy child now, huh? LOL!
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    Guess we have the same Governor. Or they are relatives.
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    i'm guessing their budget issues are about the same. I'd be willing to become a political activist if I could get paid for it. I've sent two letters out this week alone.
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    I'm thinking of running for office....just for the benefits package.

    My slogan can be "Vote for me...I need the health coverage."

    Do you think I'd get elected?
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    Actually, I'm thinking maybe I can get on one of our state's committees. After all, if they have about 40-50 already and are still making more, I have a better chance of getting on one of those than getting a REAL job.