More difficult children than PCs


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I'm beginning to think there are more difficult children in the world than PCs. Tryouts are approaching for our elite teams. Many of these parents (who appear to be PCs) are showing their difficult child stripes. Why do grown people feel the need to post comments on the sports forums for our area, anonomously telling everyone that "this 9 year old sucks", "that 10 year olds parents are idiots to even take him to tryouts", "the Pirates are the worst team in the league and shouldn't be called elite and anyone who plays there is a fool", and my favorite "Child Protective Services should be called on that family for making their child play elite".


This is a children's sport. Yes, I understand the pressure around the next two weeks (trust me I'm sweating bullets over my kids tryouts) but to degrade other children and families???? And once tryouts are over, we will spend the next two weeks hearing how stupid the coaches are for taking Billy instead of Johnny. Normally I can just blow it off but with my worries over tryouts, they are ticking me off!!

I really wish the moderater of that board was as pro-active as our moderators here are. While their policy says they will pull any post that 'defames' anyone or that mentions a child, it can take days at times :frown:

One of my friends said that it is a backwards compliment. That they only post about the kids they are scared will beat out their own child. I suppose that is one way to detach.


People aren't as anonymous as they like to think they are online. They can be traced by their IP address. I wonder if reminding them of that would change their attitude any.

It's amazing the stupidity and outrageousness that is displayed by people simply because they think they can't be identified or caught. It's very sad. I've been reading a lot of articles on the internet lately about this very problem across the board. A lot of sites are shutting down their comments sections or moderating them more heavily. But to degrade a child like excuse. Those adults, and I use the term "adults" lightly, should be identified and their name should be posted on the board next to their comments, in my humble opinion. If they felt brave enough to say it at all, then they should take credit for their comments.


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This is my problem with organized kids sports, its a game for pete's sake..... My kids were never that great at team sports, so I never really pushed them, they did track or swimming where their results contributed to the team win, but didn't mean they were in the spotlight for a missed catch or fumbled goal, etc. I am not a big lover of sports for this very reason....let kids be kids I say and not "developing sports moneymakers...."

Not saying all parents are sports pushers, but even the few have spoiled it for me.

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I agree! :grin: daughter does the competition cheerleading thing at a local gym & some of those parents are disgusting. Seriously, quit trying to relive your childhood through your children. How can a grown person justify sitting around talking bad about a stinkin' 12 year old? :mad:

Gaaaahhhhh,makes me crazy. :hammer: