more seizures- new medications (geodon)


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Well we when to the p-doctor today and when saw Ken and his bizzare behavior he increased the Depakote and started Geodon. We'll see...
Anyway anyone know much about Geodon??
Help please


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I'm not familiar with Geodon, Amy, but someone will be along shortly that is. I'm glad the psychiatrist got a taste of what's happening. Keep us posted.


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Amy, my difficult child took Geodon and we couldn't tell it did a thing to help him. It was discontinued and he was put on Lithium instead. Good luck with it!


Geodon is an atypical antipsychotic that, like Abilify, can lower the seizure threshold. You should run the medication change by the neurologist. Because Ken has now experienced seizures, all medication changes should be coordinated by both the psychiatrist and neurologist.


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We just cut this. I think I told you in your Depakote post, we cut the Depakote, cut the Abilify, and tried this medication.

We started at 20 mg., a very low dose. The psychiatrist said that it's so low, and it could actually stimulate Dylan first, then we'd have to go up in the dose, to see if it would calm him.

The first night he didn't fall asleep for 3 hours. Usually, when he's passed out by 8:30, he was up until 11 PM. I gave him the 20 mg. for 3 days, then increased to 40 mg. hoping to see improvement.

Dylan was so wound up and manic on 40 mg. that I stopped it immediately and flushed them. The entire 7 days he was on this medication, it disrupted his sleep and made him increasingly wired.

Sorry I don't have anything positive to offer. It's funny how Abilify and this are the same class, but the one did so good and the other one was horrid.

Also, go back and read my post a few days ago regarding the Geodon, because Vicki's daughter Aly had SEVERE reactions from this, which she reminded me in her post. It should only be a page or two back.

Actually it's 4 pages back



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I wonder, too, just after I had already posted, is Ken theraputic on the Depakote? Didn't he just start this? If they're introducing the two drugs at once (aside from the fact that's just dumb), I'd let up on one of the two. How will you know what is doing what?

Just rambling thoughts after I posted above. If you need to call, feel free. Still got the number? PM me if not.


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Clearly your child has neurological problems or he wouldn't be seizing. I don't think I would allow another doctor to change medications until you have the EEG and MRI done and the neurologist approves. Is the psychiatrist aware of how partial seizure activity particularly in the temporal lobes can affect behavior?

Geodon is a antipsychotic (also know as a major tranquilzer) and comes with a "Precaution" about use by people with seizure disorders. I wouldn't give it to my son, nor would I take it. (I had a seizure disorder thought I've been seizure free for about 25 years.)


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Geodon worked very well for my son but I agree with the others that the physician who treats your son for seizures must be involved in the medication change decision.


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Both Md's have been wonderful aout talking they have had no less than 3 phone conversations since Mon am and it is only wed. I'm really pleased with that.
Janna I totaly agree and normaly would not start 2 medications at the same time but because Ken's agression level is so severe right before a seizure that they both felt that this was the best course for his and everyone else's safety.
Sara could you plese send me weblinks so I can read some more about seizures? They gave me a " working diagnosis" of complex partial seizures?
I have also asked for blood work in 2 weeks instead of 3 wks and also asked for thyroid studies.
Ken was able to sleep with the geodon and it didn't seem to make him hyper.
Praying for EEG answers tomorrow
Thanks all!

Sara PA

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My seizure links. I haven't checked them lately so I don't know if they are all live.

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emedicine: Frontal Lobe Epilepsy

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