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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Apr 29, 2013.

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    But she spent the whole weekend having fun and not complaining. Her uncle was here from out of state and her older brother spent the weekend. So we had a lot of things going on. She has mentioned it several times in the last 3 or 4 days -but it never seemed to keep her from doing anything she wanted to do. Like biking, walking around, climbing on some rocky hills Since it was the weekend and we had company I didn't really give it much thought as she wasn't breathing hard or coughing or even slowing down her activities. But she mentioned it again this morning so I told her I would call and make an appointment today (as I work Tue/Wed and I have a small medical procedure on Thursday) but she said no, it was better. I was a little worried as this Thursday she leaves on a 14 hour bus trip with the choir to go two states away and won't be back til Monday. I am afraid she will tell the choir director that she can't breath and he will feel compelled to take her to an emergency room. Well, she just called from school and said to go ahead and make the appointment. I wonder if it is just anxiety? I feel like she is a hypochondriac over small things. She never has a "headache" she has a "MIGRAINE!" you get the type.

    Well. Wish me luck. Probably one day I will ignore something and it turns out to be big... KSM
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    I have no idea if this is the cause, but this is a common anxiety symptom. My oldest son, Mr. 35, had it really bad. It used to happen to me sometimes too, but I could calm myself down. It was, in both our cases, panic attacks. In son's case, it could go on for days that he worried about being able to breathe.
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    Thanks, MWM - I was wondering if anxiety/panic could be the cause. Maybe an outside chance of ashma? I guess I'll find out what the doctor thinks this afternoon at her appointment. It doens't seem like her to be having a panic attack... she usually just does what she wants without thinking or stressing about the results or consequences. KSM
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    If she has very mild asthma, plus very major anxiety, then the hormones that the anxiety triggers, CAN trigger asthmatic symptoms. So I wouldn't ignore it, but I would highlight the link to the doctors. She might benefit from an intermittent-use inhaler or some such, that can knock back the symptoms on a prn basis.
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    the chest xray was negative - the doctor said maybe it was bronchospasms. So we are getting an inhaler to use for a while. The other thing that I am concerned about - she has gained 10 pounds since her last appointment about two months ago. She is only 5 feet tall and now weighs 123 pounds. I mean, she isn't obese, but her clothes, which she always like to be body hugging tight... are now really really tight. Seams are ripping out... fabric is splitting... And she has such a small list of foods that she likes, that she hasn't been eating healthy for some time. She only likes sweets and carbs and fast food. I fix a variety of foods but she won't try them.