mortified - bumped co worker's car


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LOL @ him birthing a cow. That would be a sight to see.

I'm sorry about the fender bender. Since it was a nice guy, I'm sure he won't be spreading the news. Guys don't usually gossip like girls do. My husband is the exception to the rule, but typically they don't.


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No one will want to park by me now.

This would be a plus......just be sure to get there early and park up front......


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Honey, you need to give yourself a break! If that's all those people have to talk about then they lead some sorry sad sack lives! But I would imagine it might get a passing mention. Accidents happen, and you did the right thing. Not everyone can say that. You are one of the good people.


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Witzend is right. Accidents happen. It will all blow over.
Even if it does spread around just means you won't have anyone parking close to you. :dance:


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Accidents happen. You didn't do it on purpose...... that's why their called ACCIDENTS.

If your coworkers make a big deal out of this, well....they really need lives. I mean you could loan them difficult child for a week. Then they'd have something to talk about. :wink:

I doubt the guy will think to mention it to anyone. It's not like you totaled his car.

Give yourself a break. And if husband gets mad, tell him to give you a break, too. You did what you should have done by letting the guy know. That's all you can do. Let it go. Many people now days wouldn't even have bothered doing that much.



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Actually, I would bet the gossip would be more about how honest you are and how nice of you to go tell him, if there is any at all.

Hon, you need to give yourself a break. Quit worrying so much about what others say and do. You have enough on your plate already.


sniff thanks all, he is being very nice about it, I will be paying his deductible though, oh well


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Right after I got my first minivan, I was pulling out of the office lot, which was in a basement garage with pillars. I smashed a pillar in full view of one of my new co-workers! I worked there another 10 years and NEVER again parked next to a girder - I always drove until I could find a middle spot (it was a girder then 3 spots then a girder). The next day, my boss asked if I had filed a complaint against the girder that had jumped out and attacked my new car!