Mr. Crispy Britches - LIAR LIAR Pants on FIRE

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    This is almost (ALMOST) an amusing story.

    Foster Dad calls last night in a panic - (as if) I had to take Dude back to probation - AGAIN. (his job not mine). After that? I dropped him at a friends house to go to church.

    Now - for three weeks this kid has come and gone as he pleased. The last time we've heard from the fosters? When their niece falsely accused dude of something and called the police. So this panicky call to 'make sure' he had a ride to church??? came and he said "Oh and by the way -the Caseworker called and they said they are dropping Dude's case. They are awful." In a calm tone I said "Oh?" he said "No one's called you?" and I said just as calm as I could "Well the man said they were going to send a letter." the FD said "I think this is bullcarp, they're horrible people to do this to him. They said he has to be out by the end of the month." then there was a lot of hmmm and maaans and I said "Which month?" and he said "This one." I said "Mmmm" and he asked again "So no one has called you & talked to you?" and I said "Well the man said they were going to send a letter." and he said "Well we haven't gotten a letter." and I said "mmmmm." Then he said "Well you know how that place is and those people are full of %*&#." and I said "Mmmm." Then silence. Then he said -"Well we better go to church." I said "mmmm" and then "Bye." FIshing for a little information huh?

    This morning? The lady who handles the foster agency came out and low and behold - before the mail ran and without a post mark.....a letter. They woke Dude up, handed him the letter....he opened it, read it....tossed it and said "Fine....I'm going back to bed." They knocked on his door again. He opened the door and said "Can I help you?" and the foster agency lady said "Well what are you going to do?" and Dude said "Let me ask you something lady - "Are you going to help me after I leave here?" she said "Um no...when your time here is done then I'm no longer part of your case." so Dude nodded and said "Oh...I see." and shut his door. THey knocked again....dude opened the door and he said "Can I help you?" and the lady said "I just wanted to know what you were going to do when you leave here?" and DUde said "I'd like to know why you want to know anything about me or what I do after the end of the month." and she said "Because I care about you. WE all do." and Dude laughed and said...."That's almost funny. Ya'll are a bunch of crispy britches you know that - you couldn't hold the truth if someone put it in a bag and handed it to have done nothing but LIE to me - and I might have mental problems - but I have a reason on occasion to behave like I do - not an excuse - but just came in here and handed me a letter and said 'Mail's here' do you think I'm an idiot? - there's no post mark on this - you went and GOT this from the caseworker. You lied. You told me five months ago if I stayed in school and stayed out of trouble - I could STAY here...then a week ago you said "till the end of the year...I'm in school, have not been in trouble....I'm even getting straight A's..YOU LIED. You told me I would have a home to live in.I get locked out of my own freakin house - my Momma saw it - and no one gives a hang - YOU LIED. You said they'd help me with a job I have to PAY him gas money to take me to job interviews. YOU LIED..and I take my dirty clothes to my Mommas to wash them. I stay out of HER hair.(points to FM) because she hates me .I was told I'd be safe here...and I've been choked and beaten by THEIR daughter- I bet you didn't know THAT- my stuff gets snooped through and now I'm being accused of being a thief....and YOU want to know what I'm doing when I leave here? Nah....I don't think so lady - I seriously doubt you give a dang where I go....or what I do because I've been living with THEM for 1 1/2 years and THEY don't care what happens to me so WHY WOULD YOU?
    ANd ......for the record??? I've known about this for over a two weeks....and if you do bring a 12 year old in this house for THEM to foster - I hope like HE&& the kid isn't on antidepressants because someone will probably try to buy them off him. And amidst ALL of that - the ONLY thing they asked was WHO TOLD YOU?? WHO told you, how did you know???

    With that - he went in his room - shut the door and the woman left. And when she left....Dude went out to her car and said to her...SEE? I told you all that and you're doing NOTHING. So ask me again where I'm going when I leave here. You don't care about me. Ya never did. It's not about YOU caring about's about YOU making sure that when YOU go back to the office you still have a job....and I'm telling you - if they get a 12 year old in here - I feel really really sorry for him. Ask anyone at my church...yesterday - I had a friend over and FM told him what a low life scum I am - and how he shouldn't hang with me.....and just went on and on and on in front of all the parents picking their kids up from day care. If THAT is how she promotes self-esteem in kids? God help the next foster kid.

    And with that? Dude started packing....and he said that he's outta there and he'd rather live in a park or the woods - he's had enough.

    Dude isn't upset or crying anymore....:mad: He called his caseworker and told him thanks and he's glad they're shutting his case. Caseworker said fine. Dude said fine. Dude said -"I just wanted to call and thank the person who has really worked the hardest to make sure my back was covered and that I was taken care of, and who really went to bat for me all these years." and the case worker said "Oh well thanks Dude." and Dude said "No man, not you - I'm gonna call My Momma she's worked harder than all ya'll put together." Just wanted to say it's cool you're dropping me. I think you did a long time ago.'

    Nice Dude - ugh.
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    Ok yeah....packing without having a place to go....maybe not the best thing to do but....

    The rest of it and everything he said?

    Hey Dude?

    :bravo: :bravo: :kisses: :sword:

    Sorry Star but it needed said.

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    If that line of garbage is what the FPs are putting out, AND the "caseworker (!) is calling the beat (ack. sry) I'd be way beyond highly suspish.

    Is the Agency going to contact you re the "reasons" they (without postmark!) "notified" Dude of all this , um, garbage?
    BC seriously Starbie. SOMEBODY is having an issue with Procedure -&- Protocol Guidelines

    I'm just sayin'

    Hugs, honey. This gets so d-blank rough

    Love, Blondie
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    Aw, man, those jerks need to be put in a room with a bunch of US. (anyone feeling hormonal? You get first whack at them!)

    Dude was very eloquent. Told it like it is. But he left out a LOT of stuff. I think this is a violation of protocol and IF anyone paid attn to it could cause major problems.

    It isn't the best to pack with-o a plan, but what would they have done in his last two weeks? Made smores and sat around teh campfire singing kumbaya? Made him fancy, labor intensive special poems and stories and other things to let him know how special he was to them?

    we ALL know THAT is not going to happen. I hope he can manage to figure things out. Many hugs to all of you!

  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The letter is a joke...after 10 years of service it basically says - have a nice life - go to the homeless mission. No joke.

    The fd is pretending he has no clue HOW this all happened then wanted to have a 'chat' with us about how AWFUL everyone is treating Dude. Um..not up for this right now. DF wants to poke him in the nose for lying so much. For a nickle I'd let him. FD even caught himself in a lie tonight and had to stand there and look like he was having a brain poot to recant. Unreal.

    The FM denied allegations that she said ANYTHING about Dude to his friend infront of a room full of people so Dude's friend is calling Foster agency tomorrow and asking to speak to the director. O.M.G. (wants to be fly on the wall)

    Icing on the cake? "Someone" in the house - told Dude that if he just took off -our of state - and hid for 10 years - that all his probation would get wiped clean. Yup - all that stuff would just come off his record. - Someone - who figured out that trying to stash something in his room OR in his belongings wasn't going to fly because we've expressed to them Witz' idea of checking him in and out every time he comes in and out of the house - because of their accusations. So this was plan B? :faint: - (expletive-er, expletive-er) nice. Dude said "Will that work?" O.M.G.! :ashamed:

    Wow - and these people want ANOTHER child?
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    I have no words...

    I'm so sorry he's having to deal with all this gar-bahge. It's so not fair.
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    Big sigh...
  8. DDD

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    How tragic! DDD
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    Honest to Pete!
    I KNOW that the Fosters will eventually get their comeuppance in Hades, but something needs to be done about them now.

    I agree that packing without having another place to go is perhaps not the most well-thought-out plan, but Dude really needs to be out of there, and what he said to them really needed saying.

    Susie, I'm with you. We need to take them on, the whole warrior-mom lot of us!

    Many hugs,
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    I'm a boxer, and it's not often that I feel like fighting, but I think I can take those two (or at least FM). Dude was very diplomatic, my heart goes out to both of you for all the nonsense he's had to put up with, it's so unfair.
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    In the state in which I worked as afoster all DSS cases were closed on the kid's 18th birthday. They were then told to go to welfare for housing and food. -RM
  12. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Thanks all -

    It's going to be okay. We're resilliant. And we have each other - and you. ;)
  13. Hound dog

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    I'm proud of our Dude. He stood up for himself and he did it with grace and dignity. He told them like it was with no tantrum, no foul words, no gfgness.

    Ok. So there may be conscequences. But Dude didn't do this to himself. It was done to him. The result would've been the same even if he hadn't stood up for himself.

    Dude is growing into one fine man.:D

    I hope you tell him so.

    Now, I've had it up to here *hands over my head* with this foster family from hades. So? You want us warrior Mom's to slap on our armor and come down there to teach some rather painful lessons on how to parent children properly? I've been itchin' to get my hands on that lil brat girl who strangled Dude.......I may not stand 5 feet, but I'm a force to be reckoned with!:mad::mad: And I pack a nasty punch.

    Sometimes karma needs to be speeded up.:devil::clubbing: