"MSNBC investigates"

Since I get to watch TV in the middle of the night sometimes I just flip around the dial. Watched a fascinating program about drugs the other night called MSNBC investigates. Now understand what the psychiatrist was saying to me. And what I guess a lot of you know- I recall TMOM dealing with this on the general board. Which is that when you get outside of an urban area they don't import drugs, they make this awful stuff they inject. It's made in a kitchen sink, fields, cars or sheds, basically anywhere, from normal over the counter cold pills from the pharmacy, automotive starter fluid and an agricultural chemical accelerant. It gives a high beyond compare, is instantly addictive and cheap. I recall TMOM saying that they had thousands of dollars of supplies to make this stuff but that's not necessary. Some tubing, a flame, some mixing bowls and that's about it. But it's an accelerant so accidents are common. Fatal ones. AND the fire itself is toxic to firefighters and leaves behind a house or car which is now a toxic waste site in need of decontamination. They showed neighborhoods of burned out houses, cost to destroy or re-build is beyond value of house. So neighborhoods are vacant. The residue from making this stuff is also toxic and needs to be dumped. It's polluting streams- drug dealers aren't picky where they dumpt it. Animals are dying. Firefighters and police need to be trained to recognize and deal with this situation. DAILY in some places! Small towns all over the Midwest are being destroyed by this. Not to mention people and families obviously. Also interesting- making the drug does not destroy the toxicity of the chemicals. So what addicts are putting into their bodies is toxic chemicals- automotive starter fluid and agricultural chemical in their veins!!! No one knows the long term effect on the body!!!

Can't blame this on foreigners- we're doing this to ourselves!!!


I thought as a kid i did it all. this stuff is beyond belief. So scary!!!!!! :eek:

please help us if anyone can. i found out this weekend our difficult child drank who knows what, i found abottle of grand manier sp? he and his best friend told us they had clonipin, moraphine and some other type of perscription drug i can not remember the name. His father thinks they are doing ecstacy because he is talking about it. he is either very happy and talkastive or very depressed, always looking to do work for us for money. i have had a very serious discussion about perscription drugs and alcohol and over dosing. he says that would be ok because he wants to die. i know how serious this is and take it seriously, will call his councilor tomorow. we live in a very rural area and all our teen support has been cut by the state. there are no treatment programs, substance abuse courses etc. i guess what i am lokking for is really some info on ecstacy, i am not beyond calling the police for help at this point. i don't want to lose my child to overdose or what ever.

Call the emergency room at the nearest hospital that has a children's unit. Ask if they would admit him. If he is suicidal they should admit him. That will get him some help initially. Obviously there are major problems going on and it will take time to get it all figured out. But do it tonight! he needs to be some place safe!

thank you on the edge for responding so quickly. he is home now and upstairs exhausted . i will call his coucilor tomorow. i agree that he needs to be in some sort of inpatient treatment. please read our initial log in in the general board. pax.

thank you on the edge for responding so quickly. he is home now and upstairs exhausted . i will call his coucilor tomorow. i agree that he needs to be in some sort of inpatient treatment. please read our initial log in in the general board. pax.

Hi PCand..

I hope at this point you're able to get your thoughts and feelings together. Sorry to hear you're in such a bind (re: support issues in your area). I too would do what on the edge suggests and locate a hospital with a children's unit. Sounds like your child desperately needs help. At one point, we had my difficult child admitted to a children's hospital three times....on our own....

Good luck to you...I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!



Please dont wait he is "playing" with such serious stuff. Get him to the hospital.asap Saying he wants to kill himself should be reason to admit him. My heart and prayers are going out to you and your family.


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Hi and welcome. Edgey said you might need some help. I can be moral support for you, I lived with EX who was a severe drug abuser, alcoholic, and sociopathic (difficult child extreme) anti social was a good day for him.

I don't know that there is a comforting thing anyone can say to anyone who has to live with a drug addict. I havent heard anything and I've heard it all and seen it twice. What I do know, is that if you sit by and allow this to continue happening under your roof? You will go down the tubes with him just as surely as you are giving him the drugs.
It sucks. It sucks because you aren't the one doing the drugs and you shouldn't have to suffer like this, but the only way you wont it to turn him in, and pray he wants to help himself. Anything else is surely going to wear you out.
My Ex is almost 50. He hasn't seen our son in over 6.5 years. He is still addicted to crack and coke and anphetemines and opiates and valium, morphine and if you can melt it? He could bang it. If you could spray it? He'd inhale it. He attempted suicide over 12 times and according to the grapevine has once again.

I used to think it was because of me....not doing enough for him....then I figured it was because I left him......and now???? After AA, NA, CA, ALAnon...counseling and trying to keep a son from the same doom? He's still doing it. No change, so what I learned deep down is that it isn't us....it's them....this is your kids battle. The more you help the less you really help them. Do what you can do at this point to help yourself and make sure he knows you love him with words or cards....not cash or presents.

The best thing I did in my marriage was to leave it, and if my son starts? I'll walk away because I already know the destruction that hardly ever ends due to abuse.

You have my deepest heartfelt sympathies and I hope you turn him in and tune him out until he's ready to do some work himself.


I wish I could say that there is an easy curable answer. Star is absolutely right that a user has to want to help themselves. has to finally be so disgusted, sick and tired of being sick and tired etc.
I have one of my own who after his crazed performance tonight in my face will almost not surprise me with anything next.

Drug addicts are selfish. They do not consider who they mow down in order to have what they want, to fill they craving.
Your son does need help. And it a good thing that you have a therapist already to work with but if your son is threatening to kill himself and is using drugs that CAN, you need to get him into a hospital first...even the ER as others have said.
At least at that point you know he is safe, he cannot find someone or something to put his life in danger with...
I hope you will come here often.
I don't feel like I am very good support tonight. I am hurting right now too. But your situation sounds critical.
I am sure you are feeling desperate and alone. concerned with where things will go next...Rehab made one thing very clear to me and that is we can't keep doing what we did because it didn't work. As you already now, our difficult child's force us to experience very unpleasant situations.

If you do decide to wait tonight out I do understand...it is hard to look at every situation as critical...but please stay prepared.

We are here for you and you can lean on us with the hurt. Sorry you're having to experience this with your child. I know the pain and fear is unbearable at times.

thank you all for the moral support. difficult child is upstairs now coughing and trying to go to sleep. he asked me tonigt did i ever just want to go to sleep and not have to wake up. all day long, a holiday in our state he kept saying how bored he was, i know that unless he is high or riding the wild side he is unhappy, but as we all know that is not happiness. all is safe here tonight,i think, and i will call his councilor tomorow and try to get him into a treatment center or at least admited for a psychiatric evaluation. difficult child is really good at getting over on people, as i am sure you all know well. he is really a sweet kid, just really hurting. i do see signs of beginining sociopathy. this weekend we found him riding our neighbors bike downtown. we stopped and made him put the bike in the car and bring it back to the neighbors. they were not home for him to apologize to, but he truely didn,t think he did anything wrong because he " was only borrowing it" even though we tried to get him to understand by using examples etc. he didn"t get that it wasw stealing. i am so grateful i have found this site. i don't know why our family info does not show up but just to let you know our difficult child is adhd, extreme anxieity disorder, depression and ptsd. and focal epilespy. they are in the process of trying to figure out what medications he needs, a neuro psyc work up was done in august. these things take a ltime to process. once agian thank you all for your timely support, i will let you know how tomorow goes. pax.c

loves my sons, you posted before i had a chance to read your message. i hear your hurt and i will be praying for you also. thank you for being able to move beyond your hurt to awnser me. i am going to bed now but once agian ia am so grateful to have found this site. peace or pax to all that read this. c


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pcand -

If your son is experimenting with drugs and is talking about dying, I'd take him to the nearest hospital - they will admit for suicidal talk.

If you are going to wait until tomorrow to talk to the therapist - at least stress how worried you are about things he is saying. Tell him/her everything you know about any drugs and/or alcohol he has been experimenting with.

They do sell over the counter drug kits. I saw them at my local grocery store (Kroger) just the other day. One type tests for marijuana, the other tests for ecstasy. I don't know how reliable these are, but may be worth a try for some peace of mind.

Hope you're resting now, along with your son, but please make some call in the morning - if not to the local hospital, then at least to his psychiatrist.

Sending hugs,

The Leslie

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not sure how old your son is, but my son ant said they did drugs because they were bored. he took ecstacy, special K (ketamine), coke, crack, pot, LSD, heroin. he is not drugging at the present but only because he hated jail. he is drinking every day til drunk though. I learned I cannot help him. all the arguing, scolding, and attempts to make him feel guilty about this did not help. get your son into a narc anon program. it will educate him on the dangers of his drug use. he seems to be self-medicating to fight depression and lack of interest in life. maybe a good psychiatrist could prescribe and antidepressant. but no sense doing that unless he is willing to stop the illegal drugs. ant was taking depakote and prozac and also drugging, so the prescription drugs were stopped anyway. most insurance plans will only allow a short term admission for evaluation. an ER will ony admit him if he is a danger to himself or others. if you truly feel he is a danger to himself, call 911. I am sorry, you sound exhausted.

pcand: the comment he wants to die and the drug use should get hm an evalution in an acute psychiatric unit at a hospital

he asked me tonigt did i ever just want to go to sleep and not have to wake up

i would not wait to talk to his cousnelor. he needs to be admitted to the hospital tonight! dont let this go, this is serious suicidal talk.


How did the rest of the night go? how are you? how is difficult child this morning?

You can have you family history show at the bottom of your post if you wish by putting it in you signature. that is found in "My profile".

Please keep us updated and know we are here for you.


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I just read your post and want to join the others in saying welcome. Our 15 yr. old teen entered a substance abuse treatment program on 10/18 and we are trying to be hopeful that he will be able to return to the
happy kid he used to be.

Although we have not had to deal with the worry of suicide threats with our boy, there
are a number of posters here who have and/or
are dealing with that serious problem You should feel confident that the advice you are receiving is from the heart. Meanwhile I
will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.DDD