My bird sanctuary...husband thinks I've lost...

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my everloving mind. :rofl:

I blame it & everything on the high doses of steroids (my story & I'm sticking to it). I slept 5 hours in a row last night but the night before was awful.

husband found me at 3 am in the backyard cleaning out the birdbath & the bird feeders; then refilling the bird feeders. I then decided that the shepherds hooks that the feeders were hanging on didn't look natural enough so I was searching out in the yard with a flashlight for fallen branches to attach to the damned things.

I'm now locked in for the night! :smile:

And I will say that my bird sanctuary looks much nicer even if I did this in the dead of night & there is a whole lot more bird activity. (Or again, it's the steroids! :hypnosis:)



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husband must be scratching his head! I love it! You should do more of these things to get him scratching!

Why did you decide to do these thigs in the middle of the night? Do you have most energy when you first wake up?


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Enjoy your birds.

I wish you could drop in over here for a visit and meet our wild parrots. It's water they love, rather than feed. We put out bowls of water (like a lettuce keeper size of bowl, minimum) and these birds throw themselves in with delight and argue over whose turn it is next. Our neighbours have bowls on their balcony - they use plastic ice cream containers. You nail them to a timber base then put a second ice-cream container inside the nailed one, and fill the inner one with water. The nailed outer one keeps the containers from being knocked over (or knocked off, as in purloined).

Here is a photo - imagine a flock of thirty or more of these, all screeching in an hour before sunset (or two hours after sunrise) to have their baths. Noisily. Their antics are wonderful! But they can bully other birds, so it's fortunate they tend to feed in flocks, at certain times only. difficult child 1 loves birds and has really studied the behaviour of these birds, so when he had to choose which animal to play in the Noah's Ark scene in the movie, he asked to be a Rainbow Lorikeet. He did it in a soccer hooligan sort of way, organising a street fight with the second 'Rainbow Lorikeet'.

Out on the headland we have smaller birds, insect eaters and honey-eaters. Sometimes they swim in our in-ground bird-bath under the trees. Kookaburras try to fish for the tadpoles breeding in there.

Enjoy your birds. They really are wonderful.



Always keep 'em guessing, eh, Linda? I'm sure the birds appreciate it even if husband is just confused. :wink:


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I hope your rheumy does consider this behavoir and unsafe choices of behavior. Your husband was right to be concerned. With your diminished physical abilities, being outside in the yard at 3 am doing such things has the potential to be dangerous. An unwise choice indeed, a recipe for possible self harm. Not to mention it could be disturbing and disruptive to neighbors, who might think a prowler is on the loose. Disruptive not just to your dhs sleep but also theirs.
An unsavory character could have seen you out there, or you could have fallen and lain hurt out there.
Please leave such risky unsafe choices for times when it is daylight and when others would be more quickly aware were an accident to happen. I am certain if it were kt doing such things, you would be alarmed and take action to ensure her safety.


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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Linda, hon, your internal clock has got to be completely messed up at this point. I say :bravo: for making good use of your time.

I'm just howling here... just *howling*. :wink:


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I have done the most amazing things in the wee hours of the morning too.

Maybe we should start a night owls

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Would you like to make a trip to Dallas? :smile: My yard could use some more landscaping.

Steroids make me way too hyper and I can't sleep when I have to take them either. Hopefully you will be better soon and won't need them anymore.


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I can just imagine your husband wondering what is up! I have to say you are way braver than me-at that hour I would be too scared to be outside by myself! I bet the bird sanctuary looks great :dance:

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Kind of gives you a fresh perspective on how drugs can mess with your brain and behavior even when they are effectively addressing the problem for which they were prescribed.

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Ladies, this was all in good fun. Please know that I wouldn't put myself in danger - husband wouldn't let me. Yes, that how much he loves, errrrr fears our children. :rofl:

My rheumatologist has been informed of the lack of sleep & outright goofiness today & it's being watched closely. If necessary I can be transferred to a rehab unit until things settle down - wouldn't be my top choice but if it needs to happen.

My bird sanctuary continues to draw more activity than ever. Yesterday morning I had 15 blue jays in my yard along with 12 cardinals & too many gold finches to count. It was quite a lovely scene.

Fun to watch who wins out over food - the squirrels or the blue jays. Many times it's the jays.