My brain is oatmeal!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, May 8, 2008.

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    Had to deal with Miss KT's useless father yesterday, which is always such a joy, mainly because he does the passive/aggressive thing and there's never any follow-through. In addition to the back child support, he owes me for insurance premiums for Miss KT's college expenses. He's been ignoring the calls from the agent, so to "make it easier for him", I had the agent send me the forms, and I handed them to him, then waited until he was finished with lame excuses, reminded him I'd see him in court, and went back inside. I'm still painting the bathroom, since we only have one, I have to work around the others in the house. Strained the same knee I fell on. Couldn't sleep last night. Worked this morning, in the noisiest 2nd grade toad pond I've seen for a long time. Couldn't hear myself think, let alone get anything accomplished. Called the IRS, found out that our rebate that we were supposed to get tomorrow is delayed because we had to file an amended return. My new toilet and shower surround are on hold indefinitely, as are the new tires and brakes on both the truck and Hubby's car. The zipper broke on my pants when I got to school this morning. #2's wedding is in one week. Mother's Day is Sunday. Miss KT is weepy because Wonder J is so far far away. And I'm so tired I can't even think straight. Where are those double chocolate brownies when I need them?
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    Dear Fellow Oatmeal Brain...
    Guess what? I just took a jar of peanut butter...almost brand new and took it outside and put it in the giant dumpster. Why? "cause in the state of mind I'm in, I will eat it.
    I don't have much in the house right now execpt for some oranges and some water. So.,....I'm going to have some water and get some reading done. If I get very hungry, in a short while...I'll have an orange.
    I know it is very hard...but what I'm learning to do to is FORCE and push myself by simply putting one foot in front of the other and robotically behaving in a healthy manner when things are way too stressful. I sense that by doing this, the stress will abate sooner. This is what I'm counting on.
    Bottom Line: If you absolutely must have a bite of problem. But don't overindulge. Instead, keep yourself that your mind and body will get through these stressors faster. (hugs)
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    Well if yer brain is oatmeal at least you're working on lowering your cholesterol points! Oatmeal VERY GOOD for clogged arteries.

    Hugs and BROWNIES! OH and about that little exhibition you're putting on due to the broken zipper? Maybe you'll make some money - even if it's at $1 at a time - it all ads up. Then you can get tires for the shower and a tub surround for the truck. I know you understood that today. :crazy1:
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    I just posted a really good Oatmeal bar recipe about two weeks ago. If your not using your brain, I'll take the oatmeal!

    Get yourself on some good vitamin supplements to help with the stress (ie: Vitamin B Complex) and go take an oatmeal bath.

    Sorry, couldn't help it!