My daughter can find a difficult child in almost any crowd ... a funny story..

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Sep 30, 2012.

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    I was involved in a neighborhood progressive party last night. We started about 1/2 mile up the road, visited various homes representing different eras (the oldest being an 1864 house), and ending at my house. difficult child was very excited to help me get the house ready, make snacks, etc. She already knows some of the people and she came along. It was a fairly diverse crowd, but she was - by DECADES - the youngest person there. I figured she'd come to the first couple of houses then come back here to wait until we worked our way down...figured the novelty would wear off pretty quick.

    By the second house, she'd found the ONE smoker and began to successfully mooch cigarettes. The smoker is - as it turns out - a major difficult child-disguised-as-an-adult. By the time we got here (the sixth and last house), J (the smoker difficult child) was pretty sloshed. She and J become really good buddies and, though my difficult child was not smashed drunk like J, they were soon trading secrets. Another woman, K, had been drinking quite a bit and the three of them ended up around the piano with difficult child playing, J singing (she was actually pretty good) and having a grand time.

    By the end of the night, a very intoxicated J was hugging me and telling me how WONDERFUL my difficult child was. How difficult child loved me SOOOOO much and how I must accept her "no matter what she is". Really? As if I live with this time-bomb-roller-coaster-kid and I don't "accept" her? I finally deduce that difficult child has confided in her new friend about the gay thing so I say, "Oh, I know about that." Drunk J continues to slobber over me telling me how lucky I am to have such a sweet and wonderful daughter.


    Aside from the drunks at the end, it was really a fun party. I was very happy that difficult child wanted to come and that she enjoyed herself so much. She has not been out of the house much at all and she did work very hard helping me get everythig ready.

    But having two (becasue K was right there with her) intoxicated grown-up difficult child's thinking they "understood" my seriously complicated adult daughter after three hours and a few smoke breaks???? I did a lot of smiling and nodding.

    Seriously, do they have some kind of magnetic force that helps them to find each other? I hadn't met K before last night and I knew J slightly ...and also knew she was a bit of a free spirit ... but I did think it was possible to have a mostly difficult child-free night ... for just a few horus.

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    LOL Dash. They must have difficult child-attracting pheromones that only they can sense!
  3. AnnieO

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    They are like rare earth magnets... Could find each other at Grand Central...
  4. Nancy

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    Yes they have a magnet and that's why we can never get yours and mine together. They send out a non-verbal signal and whoosh, they are bff's.

    My difficult child can find any difficult child in any crowd.

    On a side note, I'm glad you enjoyed the party, sounds like fun.

  5. dashcat

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    So I'm not the only one who has noticed this! I'm beginning to wonder if there were always difficult children everywhere and I just didn't notice .... I'm pretty sure that if my daughter hadn't been there last night, I would be blissfully unaware of the fact that this neighbor is a difficult child herself. I guess I don't feel the magnetic pull, which is a good thing!
  6. JJJ

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    Yep! That's how I knew Tigger wasn't a true difficult child. Some of his best friends are total easy child poster kids.

    I'm not sure Kanga has any friends that aren't difficult children. She can even find the former difficult children on staff and bring them back to difficult child-ways.

    But I think it is GREAT that your difficult child spent the evening with you! There is a huge part of her that wants to be like you, she just doesn't know how to not be a difficult child.
  7. Hound dog

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    Glad you had fun at the party.

    I'm an ex difficult child and still manage to attract other difficult children if I'm not very cautious. I'm pretty sure every single one of Nichole's friends were difficult children...........and so far as an adult, even acquaintances are turning out to be difficult children, which is why they never make it past acquaintance stage. lol
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'm amazed anyone drinking that long and that smokes can still belt out songs and play piano.......difficult child's certainly do get their talents. Perhaps you should suggest a Crosby, Stills and Nash "thing?.......and yes, we MUST accept them.
  9. Tiredof33

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    Yes my difficult child has always met and become instant friends with every difficult child around lol! They annoy me from the very beginning so I stay polite but put distance between us as soon as I can.

    My 34yo difficult child has had quite a few relationships and only 1 has been a easy child, of course she isn't going to stay around. All of his difficult child girlies love to share their forlon life woes with him and anyone else that will listen. I often have told him no one else has to feel sorry for you - you feel sorry enough for yourself. It's always one big pity party - and the latest difficult child will be 38 in February. They never catch on to the fact THEY cause most of their problems.

    in my opinion, being a difficult child on your teens and 20's is pretty common THEN they grow up. I have serious doubts my difficult child and girlie will ever out grow it.

    I have family difficult children that do not drink or use drugs and I still can only interact with them at holidays. My hubby says they just think differently than we do - to me is has to be more!
  10. Lol, that's a funny story, and you were very patient dealing with k and J. Your neighborhood sounds like so much fun. But seriously, whatever attracts difficult children to each other is hard to decipher.
  11. toughlovin

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    I am glad you had fun and yes difficult children are magnets to each other!!! I think my difficult child has always always been attracted to those kids on the edge...and he also finds them. Guess that should put to rest the idea that somehow things would have been differnt if I had brought him up in a log cabin somewhere... he still would have found other difficult children I am sure.

  12. Hopeless

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    Yep difficult child have a special magnet in them for sure. The party does sound like fun though.
  13. dashcat

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    I am convinced that my difficult child could have found one or more difficult children if she'd been raised among the Amish, deep in the forrest, or on a mountaintop. I always knew she attracted other like-aged difficult children, what surprised me is how she could so quickly recognize and adult difficult child and that the "adult" spent an entire night, among some fun and interesting people, bonding with a 21 year old difficult child. I can see my daughter, at 40, doing the same thing!
    Oh well, at least it was a fun night!