My day could have been better


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'> </span> What a day. Went to work and by 10 they called to tell me they are suspending difficult child for the next 5 days. Out of School Suspension for being disorderly, cursing. When I got here to pick him up for p-doctor appointment car broke down. Borrowed a car from my brother and made it there 15 min late. P-doctor not happy camper. So they changed the medications a little bit, but I don't know if it will help or not. He said he needed to to do evaluation, but no openings till end of DEC. GEESH. So, how am I sending difficult child to school with no diagnosis? Family Based should be starting soon. Why does all this take so loooooong????? Called other places but no p-doctor around has any openings for about 6 mo for evaluation. I feel like I am in limbo.


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Ask for a ,(stay put), until your evaluation. is completed because the suspension may be a manisfestation of a disability. If they refuse,
make sure they send his school work for the missed days. As soon as you get the diagnosis, you can ask for an IEP or Sec.504 depending on what the diagnosis is. Make sure you document every thing you are told and by whom--teachers, social workers, etc. Some schools are very helpful and others make our lives miserable.
Documentation helps when people forget what they promise you! I would ask for the stay-put in writing. Take it to the school and hand it to the Principal. If you decide to use this suggestion, I hope all goes well for you.